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February 23, 2013: Forward Ho – Trip Plans Continue

Slowly, ever so slowly, trip plans progress. Yesterday, on our way to Wasilla, Pete and I made two lists, one of the things we need to do to get ready, and another of things that we need to purchase. I wrote this down on a piece of yellow scrap paper, which I have since rewritten into a trip journal.

Much of what we’re doing is improving on things we’ve done previously. It does seem to be a bit easier the second time around. This time, for instance, we’re going to go with three-way instead of two-way hobbles, for as we discovered, the horses quickly figured out that they can get around quickly in the two-ways. Gotta have hobbles, so they can graze. I

don’t want to spend my time cutting grass for them. Best to have them get at it themselves. The one central difference between the last trip and this one is that this time, we’ll be hauling three horses south, and then coming home with three – this as opposed to hauling two south, and bringing three home, one of the three being pregnant. (What a surprise that was!)

It appears as though we’ll be selling the Tundra (any takers?) and getting a Ford F350. It’s a good deal, it has just 29,000 miles on it. This will be a better vehicle to have for hauling the trailer. Plus, it’ll come in handy if and when we move. I’m not wild about selling the Tundra, but it’s obviously just not enough truck for the job at hand.

We’re also going to need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wellington and have him begin the laborious task of doing the health check paperwork.

And we’ll again need to come up with a list of places to stay along the way.

And I am going to have to go through our boxes, and make a list of what food supplies we have on hand. This week, in fact, I’m going to have to make this list so that I can get going on dehydrating fresh batches of everything. I’ll do the fruit at home, on the woodstove, and the rest at Nick and Leah’s place. I might also see about again doing some dehydrating at Spring Creek Farm.

Saddles for Siggi and Raudi are now on order with Synergist. Mine is being shipped north on March 18th. This’ll give me time to break it in. I can hardly wait. I hope that Raudi likes it.

I’ve found good summer homes for Tinni, Hrimmi, and Jenna. A place for the goats is still up in the air. (Any takers?) We have a house sitter and a resident gardener lined up. Seems like things are moving slow on the trip front, but now that I think about it, we’ve accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time.

The horses are in good condition since I’ve been riding them most every day all winter. They have enjoyed being ponied. It’s also been challenging for me.

A knot book is sitting on the kitchen table. This time, I’m going to know how to do the basic ones. Last time it didn’t go so well.

Lastly, it appears as though my biographer, Christopher Benson, will be accompanying us on our trip, meeting us at the onset of our journey and giving us an assist early on. We’ll put him to work, have him set up hay and dog food drops. Rainbow can travel with him. It would be nice, early on, for Signy to not have to carry a heavy pack. She’d like that. Plus, I might also get to ride her and pony Raudi. That would make both of them very happy.

All this is just the tip of the trip iceberg. There’s so much to do to prepare for an adventure of this magnitude. Our friend Christopher says that he tells people about his brave and extreme friends. I don’t see us as we are either, but it’s fun having a reputation to live up to.

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