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February 9, 2013: Back to Five

I had a number of differing titles for this dispatch floating around in my head. I finally chose the above, not because it’s most fitting, but because I had to come up with something. Now I will write to it.

Pete got home yesterday early evening, and this morning we again hit the ground running. On his way home he stopped at the UPS store and picked up the box containing the equi-measure form. Synergist Saddles returned it because it appeared as though it was a poor fit. We were instructed to reheat it, and again shape it to Raudi’s back.

Pete had an idea. Rather than truck Raudi to Vicki’s place, he instead thought that we might heat it up here. Our oven is too small, so he figured he could do this with a heat gun. I was skeptical because I thought that the heat would not be even enough. Warm up one side, and the other would cool.

I led Raudi to the upper cabin. Pete put the heated pad on our wooden saddle rack and shaped it to her back. This time it flattened out.

Raudi was full of energy, so after I lunged her some. She is in good shape because I’ve been ponying her so much.

After finishing this project, we loaded Signy into the trailer and took her over to Vicki’s place. The minute we pulled into the driveway Hrimmi began whinnying and racing around. Hunar kept her from jumping over the fence, by putting his body in front of hers. Both Signy and Hrimmi were excited about being reunited. As they touch noses it occurred to me that they are not yet weaned. This is because this is no ordinary relationship. They’re not just mother and daughter – they’re herd mates. Signy is a loner who is happiest in the company of her own kind. And her own kind is Hrimmi.

We put Signy into the trailer, and then led Hrimmi over to it. I lined her up, and pushed on her butt – she hopped right in. I got the feeling that Hrimmi, who is now wise to the ways of the world, had no designs on being left behind.

We pulled in the driveway – Raudi was at the fence, waiting to say hello to whoever we were bringing back with us. Pete laid out several piles of hay, so that everyone would remain calm. And this is what happened. Hrimmi ate for a bit with mom, and then went from pile to pile, saying hello to everyone. I took photos as this was all going on. The camera never lies. As I looked at my images, it occurred to me that I again have five horses to tend to. And again, I felt overwhelmed. The trick is to think about what I am getting done, this as opposed to what I will need to get done.

Pete and I ate lunch. After, he changed the trucks’ oil, and I again pen cleaned. It was then time for a ride. Pete rode Siggi and ponied Raudi, and I rode Signy and ponied Hrimmi. It was uneventful. The ponies all stood quietly as we talked with a snowmobiler who asked us if we’d seen a 13 year old on a snowmachine. Apparently he was lost.

After we returned home, I next rode Signy and ponied Tinni. This was yet another new ponying combination. It did not go well at first. Signy didn’t want to leave Hrimmi, and Tinni did not want to leave, period. I got off Signy, walked both horses up around the corner, and then got back on. Signy moved forward, and Tinni planted his feet. I then decided to reverse the lead, which goes under his bit. This worked. I could tell even before I got back on Signy that he was happy about this. Both horses moved off at a very fast clip. It was good to see Tinni so energized.

At some point during the day it occurred to me that this day was an anniversary-related milestone. Nine years ago to the day, Pete and I went to Virginia’s place in Chugiak and put a down payment on Raudi. Dr. Farris did a pre-purchase exam. And we took photos, which we had developed later that day, in town. I had no idea then that this was going to lead to our having five horses. Makes me wonder, what will life for us all be like in another nine years?

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