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November 19, 2013: Get ‘er Done, Part I

A few days ago, when we were at Animal Food Warehouse – Pete went to check out leather dog leashes and I went to check out dog snacks. We needed both for sheepherding. I went over to the treats shelf. There were far too many on hand, so I literally backed off and instead veered in the direction of the horse supplement shelf. Pete, who is able to handle dealing with many choices, picked up a bag of Zukes – they were on sale, twenty-five percent off. Zukes are like squares of chocolate and have glucosamine in them. (I later discovered that they were on sale because dogs are so-so about them.

As I was walking back over to the counter, I saw some beef jerky dog treats with Larry the Cable Guy’s name on them. Larry’s the get ‘er done cable guy. Now, not only do corn dogs and potato chips have Larry’s name on them, but so do dog treats. Unreal. This guy is a redneck turned entrepreneur. I have

this theory, and this is that Larry the Cable guy was never, ever a redneck, nor has he ever touched a cable. Rather, he is a Yale graduate in disguise. Not to give him too much credit, but he graduated at the bottom five percent of his class. After many years of sitting around on his ass, he created a persona that rednecks and other stupid people can identify with. He’s the Alice Cooper/Marilyn Manson of the redneck world.

I recently heard Alice Cooper on the radio. He sounded like a very ordinary guy. He readily conceded that Alice Cooper was nothing more than an act. I recalled that Marilyn Manson once claimed the same thing.

The question that all the above begs is this disingenuous behavior? Yes. These guys aren’t being upfront as to who they are. Then again, they should be commended for figuring out how to make a shitload of money off many really stupid people.

This can all be compared to writing a best seller. Everyone thinks that it’s easy, but only a handful of people seem to be able to pull this off. I guess success is dependent upon both being audience aware and coming up with a workable idea.

I have not yet been able to do either. The get ‘er done deal has been taken. And I don’t feel up to getting on a stage and biting the heads off chickens or chomping down on light bulbs. Hmm, guess I’ll figure something out in another life time. In the meantime, I am just going to keep writing. More about this tomorrow.

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