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November 9, 2013: Weather or Not

Last night, Pete and I listened to the NOAA weather radio report. We get the station on our kitchen weather radio that’s nailed to the wall. We were given this radio by a friend of ours when we lived in Milwaukee, WI. It was given to her by her grandfather. It’s cool, you turn it on and you get a continuous local weather feed. We learn about the conditions here, as well as in Anchorage Talkeetna, and Wasilla. We get the temperature, current weather, and long and short term weather forcasts. It’s always raining or the wind is blowing in Turnagain Arm. This is a given.

The weather script readers have been at it for many years. I feel like I know these very hard working guys. There’s the old bald guy, and the paunchy middle aged guy. There are no women readers. Every so often, when there’s an upcoming “turn” in the weather, the script guys bring in one of the big guns. The one qualification for “big gun” status is that their voice has a tone of urgency about it.

One of the younger guys voice came through last night, right after I turned on the radio. He said (in so many words) that a massive storm front is moving in from Siberia, and that our area is going to get considerable rain, snow, and SLUSH. He added that this would begin midday today. This morning, he said, that this storm would hit us tonight.

I usually pay the dire warnings little mind, for I feel as though this is a part of the bigger ploy. The unspoken message is “quick, get out there and spend.” Stock up. Buy provisions. Buy snow shovels. Be ready for when the big one hits. We are always ready, so this is of no concern to me, just so long as I have plenty of chocolate on hand.

But I decided to take action when I heard last night’s report by flipping the events of today around. I had to take advantage of what appeared to be better, earlier weather. So after breakfast, I worked on my proposal some while Pete got the horses out. This is because getting Hrimfara out has to be a priority. Otherwise, her leg muscles might not fully develop. This is what we did. Once out, it did feel to me like a storm front was moving in. It was overcast, windless, and still, and the air felt heavy. I rode Tinni, Pete rode Signy, and Hrimmi, Rainbow, and Jenna ran free. (I have to say, it must be a real sight, us with three horses and two dogs heading up the road.) We all had a wonderful time, especially Hrimmi, who bounced around like a pinto ping pong ball. I can tell that this kind of exercise is just want she needs. Actually, it’s what Tinni, aka Jelly Belly, Raudi aka Butterball, Signy aka Breadbasket, and Hrimmi aka Lard all need.

Once home, we got the dogs out. I ran one way up the bench trail, and Pete walked the other way. The plan, and we adhered to it, was to meet at the top. It began snowing lightly as I was heading up. And it built in intensity as together, Pete and I came downhill. By the time we got back to the road it was a snow/rain mix. I’d dressed lightly for the uphill run. However, I was unprepared for the downhill stretch, which was why I got chilled.

I ate lunch and sat at the kitchen table and watched the snow/rain fall. I wasn’t wanting to go back out, but I dug down deep, after drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and headed for the barn. I got Raudi and Signy out. I did this because I know that their getting exercise is important. And, because winter is approaching, these days may now be smaller in number. I brought Signy along because I know that Raudi enjoys the company and is then less nervous she comes along. Some would say that I ought to just take Raudi out on her own. But I have other horses who pony nicely, so why not? In fact, Signy is a dream to pony. It’s like she’s not even there most of the time.

Our route took us on the upper trail system, the upper road, and Pat and Ray’s trail. The snow continued, got wetter, got heavier.

I dried the horses, cleaned their hooves, and put them away when I got home. Then I came inside and began my “real” work day. It’s far better if I write in the mornings. However, I now have to be flexible. If, for example, the weather is good earlier, I have to amend my schedule and get out then.

Writing and tending to animals requires considerable discipline. I don’t know why I have this and why others don’t. This will always remain a mystery to me. Was I born this way, or was this something my parents’ engrained in me. I haven’t a clue. And actually, I don’t now have the time to think about this. I’m just glad that I got the animals exercised and some work done before the onset of the supposed upcoming storm.

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