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October 27, 2013: Tolting the Divide Trip Log II

Below are the places where we stayed on this past summer’s trip.

Trailer trip to Lower 48
June 17, Tok, AK. Tok Line Cutoff B & B. Private residence
Clean pens, access to water, pricey.

June 18, Haines Jct., Yukon Territory. Private residence
Clean corrals, access to water, reasonably priced.
Inquire at Haines Junction Visitor’s Center.

June 19, Watson Lake, YT. Rodeo Grounds
Extremely clean corrals, water is handy, reasonably priced.
Sometimes Tony Lama is running loose. Ask Brenda who works at the bulk fuel place about whereabouts of key.

June 20, Fort Nelson, YT. Rodeo Grounds
Pens can be muddy, area buggy. Was unlocked this time. Otherwise, ask at Husky Station for key.

Friday, June 21, Dawson Creek, YT. Fairgrounds
Pens usually muddy. We put horses in a very large and somewhat dry paddock after patching up chain-link fence. Debris on ground.

June 22, Whitecourt, AB. Public horse facility.

June 23, Red Deer, AB, Horse show facility.
Very nice indoor stalls. Would have been pricy, but a woman who was at a Welch pony show let us use a couple of stalls that she had paid for but was not using.

June 24, Shelby, MT. Fairgrounds
Corrals, water available. Out house nearby. Pens weedy. Buggy. Near train tracks which were VERY noisy during the night.

June 25, Harding, MT. Fairgrounds.
Clean corrals, water available, outhouse nearby. Check pen area for debris.

June 26, 27, Cheyenne, WY
Stayed with friends.

June 28, Redstone, CO. Dude ranch corral.
Clean corrals, access to water, pit toilet.

June 29, Hanging Valley Ranch, Sopris Mountain. CO.
Stayed with friends.

June 30, Turquoise Lake. Primitive camping
Car camped, set up food drop in Montezuma, CO.

July 1, Hanging Valley Ranch, Sopris, CO.
Stayed with friends.

July 2, Base of Hagerman Pass, CO (end of pavement)
Primitive campsite. High lined horses. Water available in nearby creek.

Pack trip, places we stayed
July 3, Ivanhoe Lake, CO. Primitive camping
Highlined horses. Had access to water. Hobbled for grazing.

July 4, Turquoise Lake, CO. Primitive camping
Highlined horses in trees, hauled water from creek. Hand grazed and hobbled across road.

July 5, Holy Cross Wilderness, CO. Primitive camping.
Camped at base of pass. Highlined horses. Limited forage. Hobble grazing.

July 6, 7, Mitchell, CO. Primitive camping.
Grazed horses in open meadow. Highlined on ridge.
Have to haul creek water. Really nice meadow, so wouldn’t know from looking at it that a small town was once located here.

July 8 Kokomo Pass, CO. Primitive camping
Highlined horses. Limited forage. Hobble grazing. Have to haul water from creek.

July 9, Guller Creek, CO.
Tough climb to this spot via a very rutted road. Camped beside an old miner’s cabin. Highlined horses. Forage limited. Had to haul water up to the horses.

July 10, Below Peak 8, CO.

July 11, Hippo Trail, CO. Primitive camping.
Adjacent to heavily used hiking and bicycle trail. Water available in nearby creek. Highlined horses. Lots of beetle killed trees.

July 12, 13, Keystone C0. Vail Resort Stables
Corral camping in old petting zoo area. Water available. Hay available for purchase.

July 14, Garbaldi Mine, CO. Primitive camping

Peru Creek Mine Campground, CO. Primitive camping
Arsenic and other heavy metal levels in nearby creek may be high due to past mining activities. Higher up the valley, the creek was a yellowish color and did not support life. Campsite trashed out. Highlined and hobbled.

July 16, 17. Argentine Pass, CO. Primitive camping
Camped at base of pass. Nice camping area, fairly open. Highlined and hobbled. Hauled water from nearby creek.

July 18, 19, 20, Peru Creek Mine Campground CO. Primitive camping
See above.

Trailer and Truck travel
July 20, Minton town park, Empire, CO.
Need city hall permit to stay here, but it’s free.
Got permission to camp from locals. Highlined horses in trees. Used trailer water, hay.

July 21, Clear Creek, CO. Roadside camping
Highlined horses, gave own water and hay.

July 22, Rabbit Ears Pass, CO
Camped/highlined horses in woods adjacent to parking lot. Trailer hay and water Outhouse close by.

July 23-29, Cheyenne, WY.
Stayed with friends.

July 30, 31, Blair Wallace Recreation area, Laramie, WY
BCHA of Wyoming corrals. Manure management system not in place.
Water available in nearby creek.
August 1-6, Blair Wallace Recreation area
BCHA of Wyoming corrals. Endurance ride stock tanks contained water.

August 7, Boysen State Park, WY.
Hefty entrance fee, some sites more suitable than others. Buggy, windy, and few places to highline.

August 8, Thermopolis, WY. Rodeo Grounds.
Corrals needed cleaning. Debris in pen. Adjacent to hot springs. Outhouse and water available. Charge was $4/horse.

August 9-12, Cody, WY
Stayed with a friend.

August 13, Lander WY. Rodeo Grounds
Corrals needed cleaning. Debris in pen. Outhouse and water available.

August 14-18, Evanston, WY. Large wayside public camping area.
Participated in I know you Rider endurance ride. Trashed out area, no manure management system. Ride management had water stock tanks available. Outhouses brought in.

August 19, Evanston WY. Rodeo Grounds
Clean facility. Reasonable fee. Small pens, one for each horse. Water, outhouse, sawdust bedding available.
August 20, Road alongside of old Lander Cutoff trail, WY. Primitive campsite
Had own water, hay. Highlined horses.

August 21, Coyote Meadows, WY. Roadside camping
Roadside corral. Had own water, hay. Loose horses were in adjacent field,

August 22, Conant Basin, WY (three-day Coyote Meadows trip)
Primitive camping. Highlined horses. Water available in creek, a ways to haul.

August 23, Poacher Creek Campground, WY. (three-day overnight)
Bear boxes on site.

August 24, 25. Trailhead, Coyote Meadows, WY. Primitive camping
Water available in creek. Hitching posts available. Used heavily by horseback riders. Great place to pick up abandoned dogs.
August 26, Driggs, WY. Rodeo Grounds
Corral, water available. Debris in pen. Small airport nearby.
August 27, 28, Tetonia, WY.
Stayed with a friend.

August 29, 30, Teton Canyon, WY. USFS Corral
Two good sized corrals, side-by-side. Corral needed to be cleaned. Water, outhouse nearby.

August 31, Moose Creek Meadow, WY. Primitive camping. Highlined horses. Water available

September 1, 2, Moose Creek Trailhead, WY. Primitive camping
Highlined horses. Heavy horse use area.

Tuesday, September 3, Trail Creek, outside Mackey, ID. Primitive camping.
Innumerable cow paddies. Creek nearby. Highlined horses.

September 4, Mackey, ID. Rodeo grounds.
Corral needed cleaning. Water handy. Rebar fencing. Local traffic through road on grounds.
September 5, 6, Antelope, WY. USFS Campground. Primitive camping.
Highlined horses. Outhouse nearby. Used trailer hay and water.

September 7, Salmon River, WY. Primitive campsite near highway.
Highlined horses. Water in river.
September 8-12. Butte, MT. Vigilante Rodeo Grounds
Shed row corrals/shelters. Water, showers, dumpster for manure.
September 13-15. Coeur d Alene, ID
Stayed with friends

September 16, Farragut State Park, ID. State Park horse facilities
Corrals for individuals and groups of horses. Pen needed cleaning, but good manure management system. Water, outhouse available.

September 17, Priest Lake, ID (Near Paradox Road). Primitive camping
Highlined horses, Trailer hay and water.
September 18, Priest Lake, ID (Near Nordman). Primitive camping
Highlined horses in trees. Creek water available. Used trailer hay. Adjacent to paved road.

September 19-22, Cranbrook, BC
Stayed with friends.

September 23, Jasper National Park, BC. In-park primitive camping
Called ahead for corral reservation. Off the beaten path. Large (uncleaned) corral. Creek and manure pit inside corral. Pit toilet with views.
September 24, Grande Prairie, AB. Public horse boarding facility
Equestrian activity centre. Outside pens were available, but horses required to be stabled inside. Bathrooms, water, sawdust available. Fed trailer hay. Pricey.

September 25, Sikanni Chief Lodge, YT. Private camping area.
Riverside camping. Highlined horses in trees. Water available. Outhouse nearby. Next to Alcan Highway. Showers used by construction workers, who were camped on the premises. Check out river tram.

September 26, Liard Hot Springs, YT. Provincial campground.
Highlined in nearby trees. Outhouse, water available.

September 27, Watson Lake, YT. Rodeo Grounds
See above listing

September 28, Wolfe Creek, YT. Provincial Campground
Highlined. Creek water, outhouse, and picnic shelter available.

September 29, Snag Junction YT. Provincial Campground
HIghlined. Lake water, outhouse, and picnic shelter available. Free firewood.

Monday, September 30, Little Nelchina River Wayside, Alaska. Primitive riverside camping. Highlined. River water, outhouse.

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