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October 24, 2013: Hrimfara and the New Herd Order

Pete said a few weeks ago that Hrimmi came to the gate and asked him where Mr. Siggi was. He added that she said this to him loud and clear. Of course, hearing this made me miss Siggi all that much more. He and Hrimmi were friends. Then again, Mr. Siggi was friends with all his herd mates. He did not have a mean bone in his body.

Things are going smoother down at the enclosure now that he’s gone, in that I no longer have to separate Siggi and Tinni. The two would social groom for a bit, and then Mr. Siggi would start to go at it a bit too hard, which bugged Tinni considerably.

I had to separate the two, putting one or the other in the small pen. I’d sometimes put Tinni in there at night, and sometimes put Siggi in there at night. I tired as best I could to allow both to have access to the big pen, but after a bit they’d start to go at it again. Pete and I disagreed as to who was the instigator. I’d say Siggi and he’d say Tinni.

I don’t know why the two horses behaved this way. What I do know is that things are now different around here. Actually, it’s sort of boring. We brought Hrimmi home first, then Tinni. There was just one day in which there was any upsettedness. Raudi and Signy both chased Tinni away from the food. And at one point it appeared as though Raudi was refusing to let Tinni out of the shelter, although I could not be sure about this. The problem could have been related to the fact that it was raining. Or it could have been related to the fact that Raudi and Signy (who had been together all summer) saw Tinni as an interloper.

This is where we are now at: Hrimmi gets along and eats with all her herd mates. Raudi gets along and eats with Hrimmi and Tinni but not Signy. Tinni gets along and eats with Hrimmi and Raudi, but not Signy. Signy gets along and eats with Hrimmi, but not Raudi or Tinni. So, yeah, Signy is sort of the odd one out. Hrimmi, you see, doesn’t pay favorites.

I’m really pleased that Hrimmi (in particular) is so adaptable. In this respect she reminds me of Siggi, who was much the same way. I think that like Siggi, Hrimmi might have an old soul, but I’m not sure. Might the other horses sense this? I’m not sure about this either. Maybe it’s a good thing that we human beings don’t know everything.

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