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October 11: Hello Ryder, Going to Miss you when you’re Gone

Never, ever has an animal been so aptly named. There was the endurance ride, called the I Know You Rider Ride. It was named after the song. So it seemed only natural for us to give the dog someone dumped this name.

Today, for the first time ever, I realized that I would miss her if she were gone. This morning, after working on backlogged dispatches, I decided to head on over to Buffalo Mine Road. I decided to feed two birds with one handful of seed – by both getting in a run and taking the dogs along. I hurried off near noon, didn’t even grab a leash. I instead put all three dogs in the car and took off.

I got to the pullout area and let the dogs out of the car. Then I took off. My plan was to alternate running and walking, doing both in five-minute intervals. I started at a walk, then, when I began running, noticed that I only had two dogs with me. Ryder was gone missing. There was no sign of her. I figured that she’d catch up with Rainbow, Jenna, and me. After all, we are a pack of three.

Ryder did not do as she usually does, and bound up beside me. I began to fret. So did Jenna and Rainbow, who every so often looked back. Still, I kept going. The more distance I put between us, the more I fretted. Soon enough, I began to consider the what ifs, like, what if a car stopped and the driver went to check her out. Ryder would of course jump in the car. Or what if she went the opposite way, along Buffalo Mine Road, which is paved and she got hit by a car. Or what if she dove into the woods on the left hand side of the road, and got caught in a trap? Or what if she ventured down to Moose Creek, dove in, and was whisked away by the current?

I picked up my running and walking pace. Why I did not turn back is beyond me. But finally, after a half hour, I did an about face, and really picked up my pace. This was made easier by the fact that the return route was downhill. I mean, I flew, stopping only to talk to a woman who was driving. (Her dog was running alongside her car. Yes, she said, she saw a little black and white dog about a mile back. It tried to follow her, but she kept going. I said thanks and went even faster.

It was on the return portion of this run/walk that the truth made itself apparent to me. This is that I really like this dog. Up until this time (I thought) I’d been maintaining some emotional distance because I presumed that she wouldn’t work out. I reasoned that any day, she’s going to do something to piss Pete off, and he’s going to insist that we find her a new home. This is because, logically (and he is the logical one), three dogs is one dog too many. However, this has not happened. And furthermore, all his statements about her have been positive.

At the same time, our having Ryder has seemed to me to be too good to be true. I have always wanted a border collie, and in fact I went to New Zealand with the intent of maybe staying on a farm and watching them work. They as a breed have always intrigued me. I like their industriousness and the fact that they are obsessive compulsive.

I also thought that Ryder might have too much energy for us to deal with. As it’s turned out, she’s fit right in. She generally stays pretty close, and she has a really good recall. This lack of recall, it was uncharacteristic of her.

The closer I got to the car, the faster I moved. And the more panic stricken I became. Losing Siggi was bad enough. I didn’t want to go through this again. I got to the car and did not see her. Okay. I put Rainbow and Jenna back in the car, and began to figure out a game plan. I’d first go down by the creek and call her, then, if I didn’t see her, I would go home. If she wasn’t there, I’d get Pete to give me an assist in finding her. And if we didn’t find her? Well, I’d print up lost dog signs and post them on the community bulletin board.

I moved in the direction of Moose Creek, and then I took one look back at the car. It was then that Ryder, who was behind the car, bounced out in my direction. I took her in my arms and started crying. Then I gave her a treat. I do not know what Ryder thought. I presume that because she was by the car, that she figured that I’d soon return. I noticed before taking off that there were four moose legs next to the car. Most likely, she had not come with because she was distracted by this.

I am still happy about finding her. Hello Ryder, I’m going to miss you when your gone. Indeed, she has a very apt name.

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