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September 28, 2013: Wolf Creek Provincial Campground

We found this campsite via the Milepost. We had not stayed here on our previous trips, but we were glad to have found it. Initially it had a good feel about it to me. Yellowing aspen, clean spacious sites. Yes, it had a good feel about it. That is until. . . .

Across the way were two huge, honking RVs. Within minutes, that is as Pete was setting up the horse highline, both turned on their generators. Rather than get bent out of shape about this, Pete and I instead decided to move base camp. As he was reeling in the rope one of the RV owners came over and asked if the noise would disturb the horses. We said no, but added that we were going to move to another site.

As it turned out, the site we had in mind was adjacent to a shelter. This seemed to me to be most fortuitous since it was overcast and appeared as though it was going to rain. Once situated, we ate

dinner and watched the activity in the nearby parking area. I deduced that our site was next to a trail, a local dog walking area. So after dinner we went and checked it out.

It turned out to be a really nice trail. The Wolf Creek loop takes one along a well maintained, heavily wooded trail, over to a major overlook. The Yukon River is below. The river, near dusk, was blue-green in color. I remarked to Pete that I equated the Yukon with muddy brown water. But as he explained, the color was probably due to the fact that it is now filled with glacial silt. Additionally, in places, the water reflected the colors from the far bluff, – golden aspen and the green of black spruce predominated. All was still, extremely quiet.

Further on, the dogs hung out under trees, watching squirrels that chittered from above.

We ended up taking a trail off the main trail, so we ended up doing a two hour walk. Got home right as it was getting dark. I speculated, what would it be like if we really did get lost? Pete said we’d keep walking. I said that I’d stop, cover myself with leaves, and go to sleep. This was a difference of opinions that, fortunately, never got put to the test.

This morning, before leaving, we did a review of the RVs with the horses, who like us, enjoy checking things out. Even at 8:30 a.m., others’ dogs and kids were racing about. What if, I wondered, people put kids on high-lines?

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