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May 28, 2013: Coming out of the Dark

As I write this, I’m shaking and in tears. The news is good, very good. I am moving forward. Forward motion is coinciding with incredibly good weather – and yes, it’s just been verified – there’s a correspondence between my horse-related and writing related lives.

A short while ago, I got a phone call from James Englehart, of University of Alaska Press. He’s the acquisitions editor. We talked for a long, long time about things related to my book proposal, entitled Material Matters, the title being related (now) to sustainability – sustaining myself as a writer over the long haul, and sustainability as this relates to making compost. I’d been struggling with the term composing,

as in composing myself as a writer, and as someone who makes compost, but sustainability works much better.

I had, in my proposal, tiptoed around my proposed topics because I didn’t have a sense of what this particular acquisitions editor was looking for. But by chance, I have stumbled across an individual who is willing to, and in fact eager to, assist me in giving my rather random ideas a shape. Suffice to say, we are on the same wavelength.

The last time I experienced anything like this was when I was working with a literary agent, Michael Rosenberg. It was a good connection. Alas, he ended up getting out of the agent business and going into the textbook business.

Correspondences as they relate to moving forward. Last night I rode Raudi, and she did wonderfully. We were on the upper road. We went ahead of Pete on Siggi – I was ponying Signy – Raudi, took the lead trotting. This was the first time in a long, long time.

I have to suspect that there’s some very logical reason why she has not been wanting to trot. I will never know exactly what these reasons are. They could be related to saddle fit, tender feet, diet, my posture in the saddle. I do not know, nor will I ever know. But I am of the mind that she knew that I was stuck, stuck, stuck. But there was something else going on that transcended logic. Why else would these two things be happening simultaneously? Oddly enough, it’s also my mother’s birthday. Go figure.

We’ll see how it all pans out. As far as the writing goes, a great deal can happen as one attempts to net a book publication. Editors can resign, presses can fold. Boom, troubles in Syria can lead to our collective undoing. But right now, having someone to converse with who can me give shape to my ideas is huge. I presumed that most acquisition editors just acquired. Wow. Some work with you.

I was willing to rewrite the entire proposal. It will begin (instead) with an abbreviated version, first coming up with a list of books that resonate with me as a writer and as a quasi-homesteader. Then, I’ll come up with an outline. Going to do this before leaving for the trip. And, of course, I’m going to continue to keep writing.

My friend Jacki once did this painting: it’s a good life if you don’t weaken. A little critter was looking up at a Dalmatian with a halo around its head. Sometimes this comes to mind. It’s so true. You have to stay strong in the face of adversity – and this is tremendously difficult.

Wow. I’m now really moving forward. Never thought I’d see the light of day.

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