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May 20, 2013: Trip Preparations, Continued

We are now in the final leg of trip preparations. Pete’s semester is over until September, 2014, although he’s now going to teach a five-week summer class in Public Speaking, starting tomorrow. I’m just going to keep working on trip stuff.

Today we went to Costco and purchased more fruits and vegetables for dehydrating. So tomorrow I’ll resume loading and unloading the dehydrator and take it over to Keith’s. Keith has electricity and we don’t, hence the journey of the Garden Master.

New Boots

This is what I do not understand: In 2011 we were out of here on May 2, the day after Pete finished his classes. Now, this time around, we’ll be lucky if we bust loose by June 20th. Why are trip preparations taking so long this time around? I haven’t a clue. This makes me clueless.

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