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January 13, 2013: Nasty Weather Part II, The Story Continues

The nasty weather continues. Yesterday, the road surface was okay. Today, the road surface was terrible. The plow came through yesterday and removed the topmost layer of slop, leaving a smooth undercoat. Last night it rained. A slick ice base remained. What we now need is for another machine to come by and put down some sand. In the meantime, it’s slow going. No riding today, just walking.

But, horses must get out. They’re bored, disgruntled, need mental stimulation and physical exercise. What to do? I turned on my feminine charm and asked Pete if

he’d come with “us” for a walk. He obliged. He walked Siggi and I walked Tinni.

Siggi, smart fellow that he is, knew that he has ice shoes on. He walked with considerable confidence, stopping every so often to look around; because this is what he does. Tinni pretty much went with the program – he is tired of global warming – he just wants to bask in the sun.

We stopped and talked with a neighbor; Craig, down the road, is still attempting to divert the creek that’s flowing onto the road. He’s often out there with his shovel, chopping away. Gold nugget Creek has busted through the ice, and there’s a little waterfall on the adjacent property. I call it Gold Nugget Creek because alongside it is a gold painted rock. I am surprised that someone has not stolen it. . . .
We next took Raudi and Signy for a walk. I was going to take both out at once, but Pete, thinking that this might be dangerous, decided to join me for yet another horse walk. Raudi (who I walked) was fairly energetic. Even so, she showed some common sense – she put her nose down on the ice in the really icy places, so as to better keep her balance. And she was somewhat focused. I took advantage of this, and worked with her on whoa and stand. She earned her gold star today.

Hrimmi didn’t get out. Couldn’t chance it. She doesn’t have ice shoes – it’s too slippery. She wasn’t too thrilled about being left behind. I told her that we’ll get her out in the next few days.

I’m (again) working very hard at keeping myself upbeat. No riding, so the main focus today is on indoor stuff. I’m revising last year’s dispatches for an ebook –
it’s slow going because there are 365 of them.

And later I’m going to have Pete show me the essentials of file management. We have Photoshop class this week. Yes, I’m going back for another round of this. I got very little the first time around. This time, it’s going to be different. . . .

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