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April 15, 2013: Visionaries

A person’s dental history is pretty boring. A person’s visual history is even more boring. No matter how rich and detailed it might be, it’s just plain boring. Yet another writerly challenge for me, on yet another beautiful spring day.

This morning, Pete called to make us eye appointments. I’d mentioned in passing that I have had floaters in my weaker right Pete. Pete described what was going on to the receptionist, and she had him put me on the phone. Oh Oh. It was, she said, nothing to mess around with. So the day’s plans did a 360. Off Pete and I went, to Wolf Eye Center.

The Wolf Eye Center is anything but the Palmer Vision Clinic, which is a small, simple facility with a few offices and a room filled with eye glasses. The Wolf Vision Clinic is a vision clinic – capital V capital C. It’s in a large building. Neon glasses and a neon open sign greet you before entering. Once inside, you see eyewear, lots of it, on stands and shelves. And you see artwork – wolf artwork, quilts, paintings, illustrations, included. And there’s a corner, where the walls come together – it’s a kid’s corner, it contains beautiful hand painted illustrations of animals wearing glasses.

Service this morning was prompt. I filled out forms, and was ushered into a room where a tech did a routine exam. She put drops in my eyes, and I then waited for Dr. Wolf, who after twenty minutes, popped into the room via a rear door, and after exchanging pleasantries, examined my eyes.

Dr. Wolf explained that the vitreous fluid around my eyes used to be like jello, but it is now more like lemonade. I did ask if this was age or cataract related. I figured I could later look this up. The outcome – my right eye is just fine. There is a 15% chance the retina might tear, but it’s currently intact.

Dr. Wolf said to me that if anything seems to be amiss, to cry wolf, call immediately – get it checked out.

And that was that.

I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Wolf as an eye doctor—in fact, I think he’s a brilliant man. Now, in addition, he has opened up a larger than life, state of the art vision clinic and eyewear center. How is it that he could do this? The answer is that (in addition) he also has the acumen of a businessman.

Sometimes you meet people and they just wow you. This is one of those instances.

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