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Trip Dispatch #42: Wednesday, June 29: Taylor Park Trading Post to Cottonwood Pass Road: On the Road Again

We got up early, packed, and began the upward trek toward Cottonwood Pass Road. In no time at all, we could see Taylor Park. Pete remarked that it was like looking out an airplane window. We stopped before the turn onto the Cottonwood Pass Road and cooked the trout. Pete breaded the fish in pancake batter, and we gave the heads to Rainbow.

It was getting increasingly more overcast. Storm clouds were building. We didn’t see any campsites, so continued up and onto Cottonwood Pass road. A flagger told us that traffic was moving slowly because a construction crew was surfacing the road with Magnesium Chloride, (a dust retardant.)


Leaving Taylor Park
Leaving Taylor Park

Shortly thereafter, I heard a rumbling sound. I glanced back and saw a semi-truck coming up the winding, shoulderless road. I mentioned this to Pete, who said to keep going. The truck went to pass, and Raudi took off at a full gallop. I, who was ponying Signy, released her line. Signy ran alongside Raudi, as would a racehorse. I got Raudi back under control by sinking my weight into my seat and squeezing and releasing the reins. She slowed to a stop, and I jumped off and grabbed Signy. The truck driver passed, waving as if nothing had happened.

Pete, who was right behind me, pulled to the side of the road. Seconds later, two motorcycles came tearing around the blind turn. I remarked to Pete that had we remained in the road, we would have been toast.

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