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Trip Dispatch #20, Tuesday, June 7. Carnero Creek Campsite to S. Fork, Carnero Creek: An Easy Riding Day

Rainbow is very sick. She’s become increasing more lethargic. Pete and I are considering having Sara, his sister, come and take her with her back to California. I don’t have regrets about bringing her along because we had no choice. She doesn’t always come when called. But I’m glad she’s now with us, although I wish she felt better.

Today we started out with a ride up a gentle, winding road. Winds were moderate, and the temperature was in the 70s. After lunch, I walked Raudi and Pete rode Siggi and ponied Signy. Once again, we feared being able find a campsite with water. Towards the day’s end Pete spotted an ideal campsite. It had a stock tank, grass, and trees, the latter of which enabled us to highline the horses.

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Rainbow cooling off in irrigation ditch
Rainbow cooling off in irrigation ditch