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December 9, 2011: Snow Day

We’ve already gotten as much snow as I’ve seen in these parts since we arrived here eight years ago.  This gives me reason to pause.  I grew up in Rochester, NY, and we had some huge storms, two of which left 32 and 36 inches respectively, on the ground.  Being a kid, this was a lot of fun, especially when school got called off.

I am now an adult, and as such, see snow in a differing context. This is mainly that it has to be moved, or I have to move when in it.  We have a scoop, and it’s usually easy to use –you push and dump.   However, there is now so much snow that the dumping part is rather onerous.

I did not ride today – I have been waiting for the plow truck to go by.  It is large, has blinking lights, makes a terrible rumbling sound, which I can hear at the distance.  Once it’s passed, I feel safer when on horseback.  We also have a problem at this end of the world with snowmobiles.  They’re loud, louder than they should be.  I suspect with all the snow we now have, that they are gearing up for a big, and fun-filled weekend.

So the horses are getting a snow day. The only one who minds having a day off is Raudi, who bored, walks around with her ears back. This scares Signy, who stays out of her way.  The goats are also getting a day off – as long as they get fed frequently and often, they are fine.   

Reading/slideshow tonight. Don’t know if, because of the weather, anyone will show.   If there is a call for it, we’ll do this again in the spring.

Horses get a snow day
Horses get a snow day

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