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February 22, 2012: Hope-Springs-Eternal

Maybe the above phrase is a cliché, that is, until one inserts dashes between the words. The reader then wonders what’s up. The focus is first on each word. Then the title is seen as a whole, but with necessary pauses.

I felt bit more energetic this morning. I’ve been dragging my sorry carcass around since December, when I got back from Portland. Spring is now fast approaching. First there’s the light, then there’s the heat, then there’s the snowmelt.

This morning Pete accompanied me on my morning walk. Huge snowflakes were falling gently from the sky – I occasionally stopped and focused on individual flakes. I was reminded of those Christmas-time glass shakers.

Learning curve
Learning curve

I have now reached a plateau in the photography learning curve. I’m perched on a ledge and looking out at the scenery. Huge snowflakes are falling gently from the sky. I occasionally stop and focus on individual flakes . . .

Yesterday Pete installed Photoshop on our computer, and together we figured out a few things. I can now get into and out of the program. It’s like being able to enter and exit a room. And while I’m not there yet, I’m figuring out how to move about in that room. And I now understand the difference between Raw and JPG files.

I’m now also able to do minimal problem solving when taking photos. I can increase and decrease the amount of light in an image, and also depth of field.

It’s all about light, and finally we have more of it. Hope-springs-eternal.

Have decided for now to do cartoons in black and white.

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