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December 1, 2012: Mr. Siggi’s Big Day

Today, Mr. Siggi assisted Pete and me in moving Victoria’s Faeo’s six-month-old Icelandic foal from his old home to his new home. After, Siggi was uncharacteristically chatty – he wanted to talk about his role in this endeavor.

Alys: So, tell me about your day.

Siggi: It was a big one, yes, a really big day.

A: How so?

S: I had a big job to do, and I did it well.

A: Fill me in on the details.

S: Well, this morning, Pete shows up at the gate, and with no explanation at all, put the halter and lead on me. The trailer door was open. I figured that he and Alys were taking Raudi someplace. She gets more attention than any of the rest of us. I got into the trailer, and Pete shut the doors. I didn’t mind being alone – it meant more food for me.

A: What happened next?

S: Well, Alys got in her friend Victoria’s white truck and Pete got in his silver truck. We headed down road – then, instead of turning right. like we always do, we turned left. It took us about 20

minutes to get to where we were going. We turned down this dirt road and didn’t go very far. Then, oh my, there were trees, and houses and garbage – and an airplane with no wings. We kept going, and finally Pete pulled over to the side of the road. I couldn’t turn around because I was tied up, but all the sudden I heard this loud neigh. If I had socks like Hrimmi, it would have knocked them off. There were then a few more neighs – the source was Stormur, who’s an Icelandic stallion. He said hello and asked what herd I was with. I said the Squalor Holler herd – he said he didn’t know our band. I told him it consisted of two mares, a foal, and two geldings, one of which was me. He then asked if the driver of the truck was going to bring a mare or two over. I said no.

A: Oh really?

S: We didn’t get to finish our conversation because all of the sudden Alys, Pete, and Victoria were heading my way with this beautiful black mare – oh, if I were a stallion – and her little black colt. This colt, he had two white rear legs and a half white trail. He was really striking.

A: Then what?

S: I’m so glad you asked. Well, Pete opened the trailer doors and Victoria held Andi, Andi, that was the name of the little fellow. And Alys held onto the mare – I didn’t get a name. Both Andi and his dam were so polite. He said hello and she said that she hoped that she and her baby would not be separated.

A: And then what?

S: Well Pete and Victoria gave Andi a push from behind and he hopped right in the trailer, next to me. He then started to act like he owned the place – he demanded that I toss him some hay, which was in my feeder bag, and so of course I did. Then Pete shut the trailer door. Misty, that was the name of the owner, then took the lead out of Alys’s hands and led the dam back to her pasture. Stormur – what a cad, he neighed and told her that he’d help make her a new baby.

A: It all sounds pretty exciting.

S: Oh yes, it was. But things quieted down once we got back on the road. Andi didn’t seem worried about being in the box. I showed him how to brace himself, just in case Pete went around a corner too fast. I added that he needn’t worry, that Pete’s a very good driver.

A: Think so?

S: Oh yes. He drove Raudi and me all the way down to Colorado – and drove back with us two and Signy. The return trip was really crowded, but we were glad that Alys and Pete purchased Signy. Raudi and I really like her. And her foal, Hrimmi, what a sweetheart. She’s one of us.

A: One of us?

S: Oh yes. We Icelandics really enjoy being in herds. The larger the better. Our herd has five members. That’s enough for me.

A: Tell me more about your big adventure.

S: Neither Andi nor I knew where we were going, but to pass the time we talked some. He didn’t say much because right now, he’s very young, and has not been very many places. I told him that I have a wonderful owner named Pete and that he takes me for trail rides. And he said that he thought that maybe Victoria might be his new owner because she came and visited him a few times. I then said that she came to our place a few times and was very kind and considerate. She rode Tinni, Signy, and Raudi and they all liked her a great deal.

A: And where did you end up?

S: Pete drove for about an hour-and-a-half. We finally got to this place which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Pete stopped, and got out of his truck, and Alys and Victoria got out of her truck. There were lots and lots of spruce trees and lots and lots of barking dogs. Behind me was a pasture, and in it, a high headed horse. It seemed to me to be kinda lonely.

A: What then happened?

S: Well, Pete opened the rear trailer door and Andi refused to get out. He was by now, really, really scared. I told him to get a move on because it was cold out there, in the middle of nowhere. Alys put a butt rope on him and finally he jumped out of the trailer. He then went with Pete and Victoria to the pasture gate, where he was introduced to Dustani. Alys who was a ways back, took pictures.

A: Did Pete and Victoria put Andi in with Dustani?

S: Oh yes they did. Andi, he was so bold, he walked into that pasture like he lived there. Dustani was a bit concerned, but quickly realized the little guy was harmless. The two introduced themselves to one another. Gosh, they were both so civil. I never saw anything like it.

A: And the two continued to get along?

S: Oh yes they did. They touched noses and sniffed one another, and were as cordial as could be. We all then knew that Andi and Dustani were going to be good buddies.

A: So that’s the end of your story?

S: Almost. Alys, Pete and Victoria went into the house to get warmed up, and in their absence, Dustani and Andi came over to the fence. Dustani then told Andi to say thank you to me, for being such a good friend. I said that I enjoyed traveling with him, and that I hoped our paths again crossed. Do you think they will?

A: Yes. Victoria is now looking for a trailer of her own. When she finds one, she’ll be bringing Dustani and Andi over here, and we’ll all be going for trail rides.

S: Hrimmi would really like to have a buddy her own age and size. She sometimes feels outnumbered by the rest of us.

A: Well, I’m looking forward to her playing with Andi.

S: Me too.

A: Now. Anything else?

S: Pete got me home safe. I never, ever worry about having an accident when he’s driving because he’s so careful. He’s my guy you know.

A: Yes, I know, he’s your guy.

S: Pete is the absolute best.

A: Yes, Siggi, Pete is the absolute best.

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