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October 24, 2012: Organizing my Unorganized Life

As I said before, I feel like I’m holding the pieces of a puzzle. I now have five wonderful horses, and I‘m attempting to determine what I’m going to do with them all.

I decided to ask them what their thoughts on this matter might be. This afternoon, it was windy, but warm on the south facing side of the shelter. So I sat down on a rubber mat, and hung out for a bit. Each horse came and visited me, all nibbled on my boots, laces, and jeans. Their collective message was – we are hungry. That was it. This, to me, was a good sign, for it means that nothing at all is amiss. It also means that any and all decisions are up to me.

Where to begin? I retreated back inside and took what I see as the first step. One foot is up in the air, and I’m putting it down slowly. In other words, I’m now in the thick of getting the horse resource center in order. It will be located in my writing cabin. This afternoon and evening I moved magazines and books to this new location, using the fish hauler In the process of my doing this, books that I thought I’d lost resurfaced. I also found that I had duplicates of some things.

I got a fire going in my woodstove, and then began sorting out, and putting material on shelves. I didn’t finish what I was doing, in part because this project is going to involve moving books that are in my study back upstairs. And, both areas are also in need of cleaning. So as write this, I’m feeling at loose ends.

I may be the only person who uses the said materials. No matter—I will feel better knowing where books, magazine articles, and writing journals are located. As importantly, this secondary space is one in which I will work on several unfinished horse related writing projects, one of which is my TTeam practitioner case study project. All my TTeam resource materials are now to the left of my desk.

Some, including Pete, will undoubtedly ask me why I’m moving back into my cabin prior to the upcoming winter storms. My answer will be that it feels like the right thing to do. Up until now, I’ve been focused on taking care of outdoor stuff. But now that the outdoor stuff is about done, I feel inclined to take on this particular task.

In the past, I had a tendency to move when I could no longer deal with work related clutter. I’m still this way. But this time, the move is only to another on-site dwelling. A good thing, perhaps, because moving the entire show now seems beyond my comprehension.

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