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October 22, 2012: Sometimes

There are times in my life when things seem to be coalescing. It’s as if several good things are happening simultaneously. I have learned that when it appears as though this is occurring, to remain cognizant, and act accordingly. If I fail to take note or engage in follow through, all remains much the same.

Good things – my friend Victoria is now considering buying a piece of property that’s not far from where I live. If she does buy it, and does move, I’ll have a horse buddy/neighbor. And, Pete and I might have a summer house sitter.

Victoria is thinking about buying a raw piece of land and taking down trees and building a home and putting in a horse facility. She’s in her early 60s. I’m rather in awe of such people – they tend to migrate to Alaska – I would never even consider doing something like this. I can’t even operate a chain saw, much less pound nails with any degree of accuracy.

Good things – California-based Illustrator Chris Romano is now formatting Raudi’s Story, using my text and her illustrations. We’ll put it up as an e-book, maybe on Kindle. Pete and her husband Bruce are also giving us a hand. Can’t do something like this alone, either. I am not a computer whiz.

Good things – My oldest and best friend, Jacqui Welch, is now illustrating Headwinds, a memoir that I’m hoping to publish in book form. Good things – Pete put in a sabbatical, he’s hoping that the academic powers that be will be accepting of his idea, which is to write a book about chain saw safety, incorporating narratives about their misuse. Good things -- The horses are all doing well – yesterday Pete and I went for a ride, and Raudi and Siggi did a good job of navigating some questionable terrain. In fact, at one point, Raudi stepped downhill, onto some ice and slid across, bracing herself with her front legs. I don’t know who was more surprised, she or I. Could all these good things be paving the way for another trip? I know, I can’t just sit back and hope it happens. So tonight, I’m going to put in an application to do some substitute teaching. This is, I suppose, a form of follow through.

Most importantly, rather than bemoan my lack, I should instead be thankful for what I have, the most important thing being many, many good friends, most of whom are creative and handy.

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