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September 25, 2012: Fall Colors

I again got all the horses and dogs out today. It’s a good time to be observing the very distinct changes in the immediate environment. The leaves on the trees are golden in color—and flying around in the air. And I can again see the mountains through the trees.

Hunting season in our area, known as Game area 14-A – ends at dusk this evening. No one is happier to see it end than me. Absolutely no one. I don’t know why anyone would elect to hunt in a semi-residential neighborhood. But they do. Some even set up camp in the turnout down the road. And you’d think the hunters would make note of the deteriorating trails and stay off them

when the ground is wet. Alas, they never do. I often wonder how you educate such people. Gotta get to them before they become less receptive to it. Like before they turn five years old.

Tomorrow I’ll resume riding my horses on said trails, and once again I’ll begin picking my way over the now slippery, rutted, boggy trails. Perhaps by this time next year the price of gas will be such that hunters will again have to take to the trails the way their grandfathers did – by foot and by horse. If this happens, the incidence of heart attacks will be higher.

It seems odd to me that hunters have to have a gun in hand in order to enjoy being outside. Whatever happened to enjoying the view of the distant mountains? The taste of cranberries? The smell of leaves underfoot? The sound of grouse? You get none of this when bumping around on an ATV. (Pete calls these things All Terrain Wheelchairs).

I’m hoping for two solid weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures. Wind would also be okay because it will cause the trails to dry up. The following freeze will also again make the trails accessible.

Today Pete finished his sabbatical proposal. He’s proposing to write a book on chainsaw use. If he gets this, we’ll be able to do Part II of our trip. It’s a long shot, but longer shots have materialized. I’m eager to do this trek because in the past year Raudi and Siggi have matured considerably. It would be both fun and insightful to see how they do the second time around. I imagine quite well.

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