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September 18, 2012: Alys’s Ark

The rain continues. This morning the sky was yellow-gray in color, much like what I’d seen in Florida, when I visited my friend Wendy. It was such that it actually made me nostalgic for the deep south – I’ve had some very strong thoughts about doing a trip there. I always regretted not doing a circumference of the U.S. bicycle tour.

Well, now I get to deal with the rain part. This morning, under the overcast skies, I did get all the horses out – first going for a walk with Signy and Hrimmi, then riding Raudi, and then riding Tinni and ponying Siggi. I barely beat the rain – I was quite proud of myself.

I did manage to harvest the garlic before the deluge hit. The garlic is a respectable size, nothing to write home about. We’ll save the largest bulb as the planter bulb.

Low yields in the garden this year. Okay, so I need to pitch in more, with the weeding and the thinning. Quite clearly, it’s too much for Pete who is not getting the entire job done. And I can and will do more next year. It will help to have our building projects done.

What I need to do is set limits on what I can do, say, limit weeding to a certain amount of time each day. Our friend Christopher said that in order to get his weeding done, that he took performance enhancing drugs, Ridlen, I think. I think I’d rather take mushrooms. That would make weed pulling all that more interesting.

Trying to do rainy day things on rainy days – dropped off books that I rescued from the recycling bins at the Farm School. And I did food shopping. The store was packed with other people who were thinking as I was, that shopping was a rain-related diversion.

I was supposed to go to the Laundromat, and dry our clothes. But I stepped in a large puddle getting into the truck and my new shoes got wet. I mean, the water washed over my ankles. So I grumbled and came home.

The horses are all totally put out by the rain. And Signy is no happier than Hrimmi, but for a differing reason. She wants to again be in her own shelter, and not have to compete with the other horses for her share of the hay. But, as I told her, “this is the life of a horse.”

Back to plans for my ark. It will be a double decker, and have a new compost facility. The boat will list from side-to-side when I turn the stations, but I’ll train the animals to move back and forth as I work.

Noah probably began thinking the way I did, that this was just a pipe dream. But I think that we are in the very same boat.

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