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September 13, 2012: Four Number One Riding Horses and One future Number One Riding Horse

Today, Mariann Stoffel came over to ride and visit. I immediately asked her who she wanted to take out although I already knew. Moments before, she’d taken a long look and petted Signy who was grazing in the yard. I had planned to put her on Tinni, but instead I asked her who she wanted to ride. She of course said Signy.

I wasn’t at all concerned about this combination. Signy, while still a tad green, never does stupid things. Mariann will soon have knee surgery, so I put her on our most sane horse. Tinni will jump forward, and Raudi will shy when confronted with the unknown. However, Signy will merely stop and look at the cause of consternation.

I then deliberated about whether or not to ride Raudi or Tinni. Raudi clearly wanted to go out – she was at the gate and looking at me expectantly. So she got the nod. The mares walked down to the gate and stood quietly for mounting and the filly stayed close by.

Our mutual friend Marj calls mares “Girlfriend” and today, Mariann did this when speaking to Signy. As she spoke, I realized that indeed, this was an all-female ride – two women were riding two mares, and a filly was following. This was cool. Do female horses also engage in girl talk? I’ll bet they do. As in:

Raudi: “I really don’t feel like tolting today.”

Signy: “Why not?”

Raudi: “I’m having a bad hair day. It’s these dang bugs.”

Signy: “I know what you mean. Alys put some of that fly repellent on me and the smell is driving me batty.”

Raudi: “Me too. Siggi doesn’t like the smell either.”

Signy: “Well, he has bigger things to worry about.”

Raudi: “Yes, like that little girl of yours keeps trying to nurse off of his dinky shack.”

Signy: “Speaking of which, where is she?”

Hrimmi: “Wait up! I’m here. I’m here. And boy am I up for a swig of milk.”


It was a good ride. The mares and foal were at first a bit slow, this may have been for the best since it upped Mariann’s confidence. Then, when we got out onto the trail, all picked up their speed, with little Hrimmi repeatedly racing up to and past us all.

We took Pete’s trail, which is the one he blazed while on Siggi. Then, finally, we came to the steep portion of this trail. This is the one that adjoins the original, wider trail. Raudi went down a bit fast, and Signy followed. Mariann looked very concerned as Signy half slid, half walked down it. I was not worried, for I saw that my friend was firmly in the saddle.

We continued on, doing the rest of this trail and then going back the way we came, on the loop. The ride was longer than I figured it would be. I of course, didn’t want it to end. But end it did, for Mariann finally said that she’d had enough for today.

At the conclusion of our ride, I resolved what has been a nagging issue – which horse really is my number one riding horse? Up until this point in time it was Tinni or Raudi – that is whichever horse had on that day’s ride endeared him or herself to me. I had not considered Signy. So this is what it is – I have three number one riding horses and Pete has one number one riding horse. Hrimmi is an up and coming number one riding horse. All are equally dependable, well trained, and take care of their riders. A horse person cannot do any better than this.

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