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August 29, 2012: New Home for Young Horse

Today, Rae and I dropped in on Mariann Stoffel. She then gave me the bad news – she and her husband Dick are selling Jokla. Mariann told me that they have a buyer in mind. This news saddened me, because I am very attached to this horse. First of all, I named her – the English translation of her Icelandic name is “She who walks across glaciers fearlessly.” Secondly, I began her early training this summer.

To their credit, the Stoffels took Jokla on several trail rides, many with other horses – so like Hrimmi, she’s trail savvy.

Mariann and Jokla

I found this big pinto mare to be very calm with a very good sense of humor. When something strikes her as funny, she sticks her bottom lip out. Another interesting thing about her is that she has one blue eye. So it appears from the two differing sides as though there are two differing horses.

There were several instances in which there was a lot going on when I was working with her – lots of noise, people activity. She paid it no mind, and always focused on the task at hand. Then when she was back with her herd she cut loose.

Her proposed sale got me to thinking about how all horses’ lives are predicated on a certain amount of uncertainty. They may be owned by one person one day, then another person the next. Horses don’t dwell on the future and this is a good thing because if they did, they’d surely lose it.

Seems to me that the best thing a person can do for a horse is to provide it with good training. This way, the odds are that if sold, it will go to a good home. I rue the day in which I’ll have to sell any of my horses, but if I do, the odds are that they’ll continue to lead good lives. For example, yesterday I had Rae ride Raudi, and today I had Vicki, Andre’s daughter, ride her. She did well both times. Having others ride her is yet another phase in her training, making her yet another number one riding horse.

I like it when I can ride with others, and as I did with both riders, become engrossed in the conversation at hand.

Anyhow, Jokla. Her new owner might eventually sell her because he has a good sized herd. Should this happen, her life will go off in yet another direction. My hope is that it will be a good direction. Jokla’s being a such a fine horse increases the likelihood of this happening. In the meantime, I will keep my fingers crossed, because yes, like her owners, I want the best for this wonderful animal.

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