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August 9, 2012: Vancouver Bound

And so, off we go – to Vancouver – my mother, sister, and a family friend named Bob. We are going to take the train from Portland to Vancouver, and then spend a few days checking out the town. Bob once lived in Vancouver, so he’s the tour guide.

I’m still sick. My head feels like it’s encased in a plastic bag. I’m napping whenever possible. I wonder if they recirculate the air on the train. It should be like the days of old, where you could open the windows. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to vegging out.

Part II

And so, here I am, on this train, heading to Vacouver, with  mother, sister, and a family friend.  Family Friend is assisting me in learning how to send dispatches on my iPad. We are now three hours into it. Poor guy -- I have tested his patience. The hard part for him was after twenty minutes of attempting to get the juice connected to the keyboard, he realizes that I have not plugged in the extension cord.

What I'm learning is that it might very well be possible for me to learn and use my iPad --say, I could take this on a trip and send my dispatches hither and yon for posting.  Amazing, in my lifetime. Meanwhile,  I am on this train, which is swaying back and forth.  Hard to write. Hard to think. But, learning some about how this computer works has been worth the price of admission.  Do others feel this way

Now, if I wasn't a writer, I would not have to be learning how to do all this. Makes me glad I am.

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