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June 29, 2012: Why Not Affordable Health Care?

Yesterday the Supreme Court voted in favor of Obama Care, presumably now making health care affordable to most U.S. citizenry. This was, I think, a step in the right direction, although many disagree, arguing that this is just another instance of unnecessary government intervention.

Why, I wonder, would anyone be opposed to this? At this point in time, only the wealthy and those with insurance can afford top notch health care. Costs are so inflated that they’re laughable. Those who have elected to live simply or are unable to work are now finding it near-impossible to get top-notch medical treatment.

Carol's i-Pad painting
Carol's iPad painting

We all know of someone in this situation. The ruling brought to mind the instance of my friend Carol. In February, she was diagnosed as having breast cancer-invasive ductile carcinoma. Carol, 65, decided to pursue non-conventional treatment, and went on a raw vegetable based diet that includes coffee enemas. She also went to live in Washington State in part because organic vegetables are hard to come by in Alaska in the winter.

Carol returned to Alaska in April because she could not afford to continue to pay rent where she was staying. I didn’t know she was home. Last week I went over to her place, in order to check on her property. I found her living in her RV. She explained that since returning home that she’s been attempting to take care of herself. She then showed me her huge garden, which in the next few months will be her produce source.

Carol told me she feels great, but is not getting better. In fact, the tumor has grown since returning to Alaska. Carol is now considering going to Mexico, where she could have access to treatment that will complement her particular belief system. It’ll be expensive and require her to relocate. She has to do this, because right now, her life is hanging in the balance.

My heart aches for Carol and all in her situation. And it aches for those selfish individuals who continue to oppose affordable health care.

I’ve attempted to counter how I feel, by envisioning a better scenario for Carol and others in her situation. This is it: In an ideal world, Carol would suddenly have access to a tightly knit health care network, that is one that would include a vast array of health care professionals, oncologists, radiologists, naturopaths, psychologists, and hospice care workers, their area of expertise being breast cancer. These individuals, would, in a manner of speaking, take Carol in and assist her in making choices that complement her belief system.

Those involved with Team Carol would give her their undivided attention, thus hastening her recovery. I suspect this is not to be, for there are now too many in our country in need of attention. But every person deserves near one-on-one care. It’s just too bad that so many are remaining so short sighted about such important issues.

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