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April 8, 2012: Slop and Glop

Yesterday, all day, it simultaneously snowed and rained. I found this to be disheartening – I tried my best to keep an upbeat attitude as I continued to watch winter play itself out, but as the day wore on, I grew increasingly more cranky and concerned. I’m now attuned to the mare about-to-foal universe. I’m tiring of spending inordinate amounts of time circumventing the unforeseen.

At midmorning I became a one-step-at-a-time scooping service. I cleared Signy’s foaling pen out twice, once with the scoop and multiple times with the shovel. I did not seek an out of the way place for the slush, but just dumped it a few yard beyond the pen. There was no other

place to put it – the snow is still piled high on both sides of the trail.

I grumbled considerably – I’d have rather been inside, looking out at the snow-laden landscape. But each pass made me feel that I was doing something momentous, which is preparing for the birth of a foal in the midst of near inclement conditions. I say near because the temperature is well above freezing. I’ve heard said that God does not give us what we can’t deal with. To God: I cannot, nor can Signy and Hrimfari, handle below zero weather. If you put us to this test, I will have you fired.

Later, I rode Raudi and Pete rode Siggi. As horrific as the weather was, Raudi gave intimations of what she is to be. She moved nicely, doing walk, trot, and canter transitions when asked. The horses aren’t happy about having to reside in slop, but they’re e okay about being ridden in it.

Last night I got up at 4 a.m. and checked on Signy. I was (of course) very unobtrusive. She was just standing there, thinking night thoughts. My sense was that it wasn’t quite yet time.

Today dawned beautiful and clear. Funny how a change in the weather for the better can restore flagging optimism. It’s Easter Sunday, a time of rebirth. So it seems most precipitous (yes, this is a play on words) that Signy’s foal is on the way.

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