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Dispatch #5, Friday, May 6: Liard Hot Springs, BC to Fort Nelson, BC: Fort Nelson Rodeo Grounds

We spent the night at the Fort Nelson Rodeo Grounds. Several people had mentioned that this place had horse accommodations in advance of our trip. My notes said that we were to get the gate key at the Fifth Wheel Truck stop. There was a brief moment of indecisiveness since the Fifth Wheel was now a Husky Station. There we were given the phone number of a woman who had the key to the grounds. She arrived shortly after we called and showed us around the facility.

The deserted rodeo grounds consisted of an old wooden grandstand, a white wooden announcer booth with a white staircase leading to the top, and an old racetrack with white metal pipe railings.

There was also an old outhouse and a picnic table on site. I later told Pete that I was itching to pick up the litter and start in on painting. I instead contented myself with cleaning the horse pen. I found a few pieces of wire and a nail as I was cleaning out the old manure.

As we ate dinner, we listened to the frogs croak. Spring is in the air.