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March 2, 2022: Raudi’s State of the Barn Address

It’s a day late, but Alys is allowing me to give the annual State of the Barn address, for which I am most appreciative. All the other animals on the property gave me feedback, so my assessment is not just mine, but ours.

Alys and Pete continue to take okay care of us all. I say okay because some things could be a little better. Us horses and goats, we are fed on a regular basis, at least twice a day, usually three times a day. The hay is of good quality. Pete’s been judicious in making sure that we have fresh, warm water most of the time.

The pair clean our enclosure at least twice a day, sometimes more.

The goats and the chickens tell me that their quarters are cleaned once a week. They suggest that this be done every two or three days.

Sastrugi, the newest addition, is not all that pleased with her accommodations. She’s living alone, in her own pen, and gets out twice a day, which she says is not enough. I told her that once spring comes, she’ll be out all the time.

Raudi on a road walk

Swamp Thing, aka Swampy, has turned out to be a high-end producer. It took some time, but she and Alys have bonded. Alys always makes sure to give her a scratch and tell her what a good goat she is after she’s done milking her.

Ranger remains strong and in good health, and he is looking forward to spring.

The chickens are happy with their living arrangement.

Us Mares are wondering why Alys has been paying us so little attention lately. She also seems very preoccupied. We are beginning to feel like lawn ornaments. Icelandics are meant to be ridden, not gazed at with deeply rooted affection.

Alys, when asked about this curious state of affairs, said that after the trails were snowed in, that she had to forego riding. She added that also, Pete failed to plow the agility arena early on, and because of this, it became impossible to make a work area for Alys. Now I am told we are going to have to wait until late April before Alys again does this work with us.

The dogs are getting more exercise than we are, and this isn’t saying much.

It’s a winter that we are all hoping soon comes to an end. The magpies and ravens continue to bring us news as to our other Icelandic horse friends are doing. It sounds like their winter has been much like ours.

Alys continues to talk about moving – she wants to reside in Northern New Mexico, a place that she fell in love with many years back, when she rode the Continental Bicycle Trail. The northern part, she says, is not as drought ridden and there are innumerable trails. All of us, including Tinni, would be up for such a move. We mares are tired of being ridden on the same old trails, day in and day out.

But just so long as the hay keeps coming, we will accept our lot for what it is.

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