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March 3, 2022: Staying Upbeat in Trying Times

It was Confucius who said, “May you be cursed to live in interesting times.” I think about this often, as yes, we are cursed for these are the most interesting of times.

The cursed part right now centers around what’s happening in Ukraine. The people there are fighting to the death, literally, to save their homeland, and the Russians are bombing the shit out of them. This evening I read that Russia may bomb a nuclear power plant outside of a major city.

In past wars, I thought, too bad about what’s going on. The total unfairness of the Russia/Ukraine situation has me feeling very sorrowful, and I am sure the same holds true for near everyone in the world. Russia is like a Pitbull, one that has a mighty jaw. It isn’t going to let go.

I am dealing by focusing on the tasks at hand. The tasks at hand right now center around tending to the animals and taking care of various aspects of the book project. It’s good that I have these responsibilities, otherwise I would be totally radio and newspaper obsessed, and I’d be thinking about nothing else but the ongoing battle.

Bill and Pete with Turkey Red bookcase

Some would say that I’m burying my head in the sand. I say that, instead, I am maintaining a healthy perspective.

The book project continues to generate a lot of good will in a time when people are feeling stressed by what’s going on. Today was a good example of this. I first picked up four boxes of Alaskana books from the Post office and took them over to the Meeting House. These books are real gems – there are some older, rare Alaska books. I am not sure yet where they are going to go.

I next got young adult books ready to drop off tomorrow at Colony High School. Then I distributed books at Turkey Red and Vagabond Blues. It was Thursday, so after my rounds I met up with my friend Bea and we had lunch together.

I did more distribution after we parted company – then met up with Bill, Pete, and my new friend Timothy. Bill and filled the new bookcase that he built for Turkey Red. The old bookcase will go to Iditawash.

After, we celebrated by eating out. I paid for dinner with a gift certificate that I was given a few years back, by those who I provided with riding instruction. It felt good to pick up the tab. I wish that I had enough money to be a philanthropist.

We talked about many things; however, the situation in Ukraine never came up. It was in the air though, and we all are feeling unsettled. Maybe we should have talked about it.

Tonight, Milena called, and we talked about hoarding and perhaps making a video and calling it, “Alaskan book hoarders.” Those who participate would be a part of what I called “The 12-bookshelf program.”

So we here keep busy and hope that the Russians decide to leave our friends in the Ukraine alone.

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