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February 12, 2022: Drama

I think that originally, this term was used to describe films with a strong narrative bent. Then it was used to describe soap operas, which both had a strong narrative bent and considerable whoa and anguish.

Now it’s a catch-all term used to describe closer-to-home conflicts with a strong narrative bent and considerable whoa and anguish.

Some people thrive on the closer-to-home-drama. Not me. Dealing with it is a complete and utter waste of time. I might think differently if my lifespan was doubled. But now that I am on the downhill side of 50, I am more guarded with my time, which is why I consider jumping into any fray a waste of time.

Shadow in the Tunnel

For the past few months, Pete and I have been in the thick of a drama-related situation. The stress has given me an ongoing gut ache. I can’t speak for Pete, but he too has been feeling the effects of endless quibbling.

I don’t want to say what the source of this drama was, or what our involvement in it was. Suffice to say, it now appears to be a done deal.

Today we were both happier than we’ve been in a long time. It has felt to me as though the stress-related dental apron was lifted off my chest. And I found myself moving with more spring in my step.

The words that now come to mind are, “let’s keep it this way.” Sad to say, into everyone’s life, every so often, some drama must come. The best way to deal might be to stick one’s head in the sand, or in our case, the snow. Brrrr.

And oh, it’s been snowing now for two days. I can’t deal with wind, or ice storms, or temperatures below zero. I can deal with snow. It does have to be moved, but for a while it’s easy to pretend that it is okay where it is.

Snow also creates an illusion of quietude, which I very much enjoy. It’s easy, then, to pretend that we live in a remote setting.

Today we did venture to town in the Subaru, which is proving to be a reliable winter vehicle. Pete dropped me off at the U-Haul storage area, and I happily sorted and categorized young adult books. It’s easier now that there are a manageable number of boxes.

Pete went to the recycling center and there with Bill salvaged books. It was a small haul, a good thing because right now we have a lot of books to get out there. Upon his return, he assisted me by boxing up the young adult books.

So yes, the storage locker will be emptied by February 26th. There is not then going to be an excess of books, with me wondering where they will go.

After we finished, we went to dog agility. We started a new sequencing class, with new dogs, and new owners. Once again, Shadow shone. She’s just naturally good at this, and adept at working with Pete.

So, no drama today, just talk about recent past drama – and, this too shall pass.

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