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February 13, 2022: Sunday, a Day of Rest

I never before paid any attention to the dictate that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. In fact, I usually am unaware of the fact that it’s Sunday. I barrel along, and do what needs to be done, oblivious to the fact that most others do take a break on Sunday.

I can’t say that I’m a part of the workforce because my job is such that I make my own hours, and I’m not getting paid (yet) for what I am doing.

But I have been putting in the hours, and conversing with those who do have traditional jobs, so for this reason, I am more aware that it’s Sunday when it’s Sunday.

Especially today. I woke up tired and remained tired all day long. So I needed to do something besides focus on the book project. I did end up doing some book project work – I made a few calls and answered a few emails.

But I did engage in restful activities. Today our friend Bill came over for breakfast. Pete made pancakes with our Siberian Honey Bush berries. And we talked for a long time about a multitude of things, including, of course, the book project. As we talked, it continued to snow, big fat fluffy flakes that slowly fell from the sky. This, the snow falling, combined with the quietude, made it seem as though, yes, this was a day of much needed rest.

Also restful, taking Tinni and Tyra out for a walk. Tinni was chipper but slow moving, and Tyra, upbeat and fast moving. Walking these two provided me with much-needed thinking time. Of course, I thought a great deal about the book project and what’s on the agenda for this week. I also thought about our upcoming summer horse trek and the fact that we owe it to the horses to do this. It’s hard to say if we’ll be able to do this – we now have a lot going on here what with Pete’s garden and the book project.

I asked Pete to accompany me on the third walk, which he did. He walked Hrimmi and Shadow, and I walked Raudi. We didn’t talk about much of anything. We let both horses loose about a quarter-mile from our place. First Raudi took off at a fast gallop, and Hrimmi followed.

I did think on all three walks about how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful animals. Even Swampy, the goat, who was a bit on edge when she arrived here, has mellowed out. And Sassi has bonded to me – she’s like a third dog. If Pete wasn’t here, I’d bring her into the house.

I didn’t know until Pete told me that this is Stupor Bowl Sunday. It explained why we didn’t see anyone. Always, getting out on this day is a priority. It’s like the outer landscape would be if there were fewer people in the world.

Once Pete and I were back inside, he drank tea, and I drank hot chocolate, and I told him about the plans to get books into the airport and about the possible plans for the Meeting House. We are sitting on pins and needles, hoping, hoping, hoping for non-profit status is. My joke is because we have made no money that we already have it.

Well now, having written this I do understand why Sundays are considered to be a day of rest.

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