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December 10, 2022: One Foot in front of the Other

This is a particularly apt phrase after it snows. Then it becomes a trudge fest around here. I have never enjoyed trudging; this is why I am not a hiker. I’d rather let the horse trudge. I do enjoy bicycling and cross country skiing and running on well groomed trails. But I do not enjoy getting from here to there in/on unpacked snow or uneven terrain. I just don’t want to think about having to lift my legs.

Pete, to his credit, did an excellent job this week in plowing the driveway and in front of the horse enclosure. Then, getting around was easy again. But word has it that it’s going to snow again

Bookcase at Koslosky Building

for the next few days – they’re calling it snowzilla.

We’ll then be trudging until Wednesday – Tuesday is Pete’s last day of classes.

If we get a major storm, I won’t be going to town to work on the book project. I am behind in doing some distributing, but this is not a life or death matter.

Just 11 days until the winter solstice.

A good day on the book front. Pete, Bill, and I again did an amazing job salvaging and sorting books. When we were done, we had three quarters of a pallet, which Pete will retrieve and bring to the Meeting House on Monday. I will then get the books into the library room. They’re pretty well sorted.

We had a board meeting today. The honeymoon is over. The board is not exactly singing my praises right now. The lack of space is problematic for me because otherwise, in the limited space, the books are in the way.

It’s a huge project and my end requires a great deal of time and effort. One foot in front of the other, I say.

After the meeting Pete, Milena, and I went over to the Koslosky Building, where there are now seven, count ‘em, seven, bookcases. We hung out in the front area, where the three main bookcases are, and passed out books to those entering one end of the hallway and exiting the other side. The parents and kids were going to watch the parade. We passed out books to the kids and told their parents that the bookcases contained free books. We did this last year too. It was in this respect, like history repeating itself. It was again crowded, but it seemed like there were fewer children and more adults on hand this time. The kids that took books also seemed to be more discriminating than last year.

There were no familiar faces. I don’t have good face recognition, but you’d think that after doing all this distributing, that I’d start to see the same old same old.

We finished and picked up our remaining books and put them back in the truck and headed home. If the snowstorm holds off, I’ll distribute books on Monday. If not, I’ll stay put.

One foot in front of the other. The question is, which foot should I put forward, first?

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