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December 11, 2022: Tyra and Hrimmi, Converse while out on the Trail

The following conversation took place during a morning trail ride, on our trails. The snow was deep, but I’ll let the mares tell you all about it.

Hrimmi: Tyra, why is it that Alys and Pete take us out on some days and not on others?
Tyra: Because on other days they have other things to do.
H: Such as?
T: It varies. Lately, Pete’s been plowing.
H: And Alys?

Snow on the road

T: Working on the book project.
H: But how come we’re going out now? Look – there’s a few feet of snow on the ground, and according to Alys, more on the way.
T: I think they want us to break trail, so that we can all keep getting out.
H: All winter?
T: All winter.
H: Winters are really long here.
T: Yes, they are.
H: How come they haven’t been taking Raudi out?
T: Raudi got a stick up the inside of her leg. Dr. Kaiser told them to wait before it heals before getting her out.
R: But she’s not in any pain.
T: No matter, she needs time to heal.
H: You mean that her wound might open up again?
T: That’s the worry.
H: Human beings worry quite a bit.
T: And with good reason.
H: Huh?
T: Well, maybe I should say that in the case of Raudi, they’re being cautious. They don’t want to have to continue to doctor her every night.
H: She doesn’t seem to mind.
T: No, she gets to hang out and eat hay and treats while Pete tends to her injury.
H: And Alys feeds her and talks to her.
T: That’s the routine.
H: In the meantime, we get to go out.
T: Yes, another adventure.
H: Is this going to be a snow slog or an adventure?
T: An adventure.
H: How do you know this?
T: It’s all in one’s attitude.
H: I wouldn’t mind staying here and hanging out with Raudi.
T: But once you get going, you’ll change your mind.
H: Maybe. I don’t see pushing my way through knee deep snow as being all that fun.
T: I do. And it’s fun watching the dogs race through the snow.
H: Ryder is getting old. Look, she’s now staying right behind us, on the trail.
T: Older and wiser, they are synonymous.
H: Synonymous? What does that mean?
T: Alike.
H: Why didn’t you say alike?
T: Because synonymous was the first word that popped into my head.
H: Big words always seem to pop into your head and out your mouth.
T: Yes. Hey, look to your left, a moose.
H: Hello moose.
T: Moose don’t speak horse and horses don’t speak moose.
H: Such odd looking creatures.
T: Ungainly.
H: Ungainly means odd, right?
T: Right.
H: Look at the foothills, the snow is really coming down.
T: I think we’re going to get a dumping.
H: Stop for a minute, I have to take a dump.
T: One word with two meanings.
H: Yes.
T: A great day for an outing.
H: You betcha.

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