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November 16, 2022:Five Years Later

The question, where do I want to be and what do I want to be doing five years from now, is a good one. It is interesting to speculate, here, and then if I remember five years hence, to go back and see how accurate I might be. Most likely I will then say, “I had no idea I’d be in this place or doing this particular thing.”

First things first. I want to have resumed writing. Adult books and kids’ books. And I’ll have an illustrator for the kids’ books. A reputable publisher will step forth and publish these books – of course this entity will also distribute them. My books will not end up being remaindered or shredded. Nor will they end up in landfills.


And next – I am not sure what state I’ll be living in, but my horses will have more room to roam around. I would like to have enough money on hand to afford track pasturage – so that they can browse and eat while they are on the move.

One of the three will have had a foal, I think Tyra. And most importantly, I will again have plenty of riding time and go on long distance treks. I’d resume doing agility, and horse and human body awareness work. I’d have friends to ride with, and a very competent veterinarian and farrier on hand. I’d again teach riding.

I’d have goats and dogs and chickens.

I’d like to live in Northern New Mexico in the winter and perhaps return to Alaska in the summer. My second choice would be to live in the San Louis Valley in Colorado, where Hrimmi’s dam Signy came from.

As for the book project – it’s hard to say what is to become of this project. There is definitely a need for this project in the Mat-Su Valley. Sometimes, though, I do feel like I’m swimming upstream, against the tide. What is now, and will continue to keep this project afloat, is the project logistics. Books come in, books go out – the distribution network grew organically and is pretty set.

In five years, we’ll have a village network, one that will be subsidized.

We’ll also have a building, one from which incoming books will be further sorted, cleaned, categorized, and distributed. It will have a front reception area with windows and a nice wood floor. There will be a back area with shelving for books, and an area in which classes will be taught. Writing and reading classes will also take place in this building.

By this point in time, others will be teaching literacy classes.

The beauty of all this is, things will be run the way I envisioned them, but I won’t be running them.

I think that what I’m envisioning is quite realistic. How could it be any different? It would not be a departure of my life as I am living it here in Alaska, but rather an extension of it.

We’ll see. Fate may take me by the scruff of the neck and shake me hard. What the reason for this might be would be anyone’s guess.

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