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November 15, 2022: Mid-Month

The question is, which goes by faster, the first or the second half of the month? Well, the first half always has 15 days while the second half sometimes has 13, 14, 15, or 16 days. The answer is also weather dependent. If it’s good weather during one half or the other, then that half goes faster. Question answered, once again verifying that writing is a form of problem solving.

The health report: Raudi’s ass end is draining, we are continuing to flush it out. And my back becomes increasingly more sore as the day progresses, no wonder, I have not been able to give it a rest. There’s poop to pick up and books to shlep.

Alys feeding oatmeal to Raudi and Siggi on the frozen shore of Kluane Lake

The poop is now sitting on the crusty snow, making pick up easier. I’m also getting down systems so as to reduce book-related wear and tear on my back. Today I went to U-Haul and retrieved several boxes of children’s books because I’m running low. I put the books in the storage unit into smaller boxes, then transferred them to the smaller bins that I use.

I immediately went and distributed – this was mid-morning – none were needed at the Little Library. I next went to the Department of Motor Vehicles – I straightened up, then added a handful of books. I then went to the borough building and checked on the lobby and the back area bookcases. The election lines are gone, so fewer books are being taken.

It was 1:00 p.m. so Lois assisted me in cleaning holiday books. Always, there is affirmation – Glenn, who belongs to the church, came in and said that he very much enjoyed reading The Secret Garden.

Yes, it is a good project. If a building materializes, well then, it will be an even better project because I will be more efficient. I have to give myself credit – I have not had so many books on hand that I’ve had to take them back to the recycling center. I keep them moving, although sometimes less so.

After cleaning, I finished distributing books to the Valley Hotel, Vagabond Blues, and Turkey Red bookcases. As is always the case, the Vagabond Blues bookcases took the most books. Even the nutritionist’s bookcase needed more books. I had three copies of Home Remedies, which I put in this bookcase, this afternoon, two were gone.

I finished up at 5:00 p.m. and headed home. It’s getting dark really early now. It was dusk when I left town. It was about as dark as I feel comfortable dealing with. The road was also icy, this from the most recent storm.

And once home, there was more poop to pick up. Raudi, though, seems in good spirits – Pete cleaned her wound out in my absence.

It’s 6:30 p.m. and now very dark. This is the time of year that I detest. I will have to find indoor things to do, for the next five hours, before going to bed. And it will be dark when I get up.

I’d like to go and spend some time someplace warm and sunny. If only wishes were horses.

Nest: 315. 11/16/22:Five Years Later

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