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November 12, 2022: It was a Good Run

This is a statement that’s now making the rounds. It has both a figurative and a literal resonance. The figurative – an example. Swampy the Goat is coming to the end of her lactation cycle. She’s given us close to or a gallon of milk a day for a year and a half. Most goats put out milk, on an average, for six months. Stormy, who preceded Swampy gave us milk for three months then was barren for the next two years. Swampy should be listed in the American Goat Association book of all-time producers. The past few days her milk has been thick, and therefore hard to filter. Tonight she gave a little less than a pint. All this to which we say, “it was a good run.” This phraseology is appropriate because we’re not saying that she’ll never produce again; rather, that she did well this time around.

Swampy on the milk stand

The literal – an example. I used to be a runner. After a particularly invigorating session, I’d say, “it was a good run.” I want to resume running. I think that I will. Pete once remarked that a runner most wants to run when they’re laid up. Right now, the evidence supports this. I am a hurting unit right now. My left cheek is slightly swollen and my upper gum hurts. I know that this pain will soon subside, I mean it can’t get any worse. My back also feels like someone took a hammer to it. I can’t bend over and pick things up. This includes horse poop.

I think that it’s a good idea to keep moving rather than slow to a stop because the nervous system recovers more quickly when the neurons are firing. So I say, literally, it was a good run, and I will run again.

I did sort books today at the VCRS Recycling Center. There were not that many just some books left over from the Talkeetna Book Drop event. And I did pick up poop this evening. And I milked Swampy for the last time this year.

I’m stumbling around like a little old lady. Someone told me that there’s a 90 year old woman who’s running four miles a day. I aspire to do as she’s doing. I’d like to run a mile on my 100th birthday. So soon, I will resume doing body work and running in small increments.

And I want to resume writing again. I want to get going on the book on abundance. I’m 3/4ths of the way there – I have the first line, “this is a book about an abundance of books.” I will then speculate about whether or not I should write this book, given that there are so many good books out there. And there are so many good books in my house. I am also going to take writers to task, for focusing exclusively on their potential contribution. If they spent a day in my shoes . . .

With writing, you don’t want to say it was a good run because this means your career is over. Mine is not.

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