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November 13, 2022: Raudi Weighs in, Again

Raudi here, got a few things to say; Alys agreed to give me some dispatch space because she feels bad about the ongoing back end business. Anything to cheer me up, she thinks. Ranger the Goat is, of course, incensed about this because he wants to blog now, every day. I said to him, “another time,” to which he remarked, “sooner better than later.” He hopes to make it through this winter, but he knows that if it’s too cold or windy, he’ll check out. Well then, his blogs will come from the other side. Maybe Ranger will write a book and call it, “From the Other Side.”

Zach checking Raudi's vitals

So, as Alys wrote the other day, while out on a ride, things went awry. We came around the upper bend and cut it too close. My inside right thigh connected with a broken tree limb. The pain, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I bucked hard, several times. Alys came off my left side, hit the tree with her shoulder, and fell to the ground. I took off, up trail. Ryder accompanied me.

How come I didn’t stay with Alys? Because there was no grass to be had. I figured I’d finish the ride, and once at home, resume eating. Hey, I was hungry. Plus, eating would make me feel better.

Alys came into the yard – she also appeared to be in pain. I invited her to down some hay with me, but she instead tied me to the hitching post and left me standing there, with blood running down my hindquarters. She just didn’t see this, or she would have done something about it. She also assumed that Pete would soon be home and put me back with Tyra and Hrimfara.

Pete didn’t get home until after dark, so he didn’t see my wound or the blood. The next day, after feeding, he remarked to Alys that, “there was some blood on Raudi’s hindquarters. Alys came and took a look, and said, “Pete, there’s a lot of blood.” Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done right then because Alys had a dentist appointment.

Alys and Pete returned mid-afternoon and called Zach, our veterinarian, who on the phone scheduled an appointment for 7 p.m. Zach appeared, on time with his assistant. He sedated me and I immediately felt better.

I didn’t kick Zach who at one point was kneeling on the ground because I don’t kick. Gergun, my dam, once told me that this is, “impolite.” Plus, I like Zach. What a wonderful human being he is, always thoughtful, kind, and considerate. He also loved Tinni, as we all did. As Tinni once said, “Alys and Pete could have done way worse in selecting another veterinarian.” I know who he was talking about, but I won’t say.

Alys and Pete blanketed me, and Alys stayed at my head and rubbed my ears. I usually don’t like having my ears rubbed, but this time it made me feel good. Alys too.

Zach pulled a five inch stick out of my near my butt. Alys kept it. Now we have a story to tell.

Pete has been giving Alys an assist in cleaning me up. She’s moving slow. She’s going to have to learn to sit my bucks.

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