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November 11, 2022: Gratitude

I’m told that developing an affection for one’s health care providers is called transference, meaning, one’s level of gratitude is such that it becomes more than endearment. Some would say that it becomes love.

I do not love my, or my animals’, health care providers. But I am filled with a sense of gratitude when things turn out okay. This is often the case. I know that it takes years of training and experience in order to get the job done correctly.

Tonight, I am again feeling gratitude, first of all to my dentist, Dr. Gurr, and his assistance, Raine.

Sunrise on Arkose Ridge

I was again very anxious about having dental work done, and with good reason. I had to have the temporary bridge replaced and as well, the posts put in for two implants.

I told Raine beforehand (as I sat in the chair) that I appreciated the fact that he explains things so well. I should have said that I meant the post op stuff, because before having the implant work done, he pulled my x-ray up on the big screen and went into a great deal of detail about the implant procedure. I wasn’t up for this, though I was appreciative. When he was done, I asked, “can I have nitrous?” to which he said, “certainly.”

The bridge replacement was fast, and painless, with a brief interruption in which the dentist made sure that the color tint of the front tooth matched the color tint of my other teeth. In contrast, the implant procedure was slow and painful, with no breaks taking place. Dr. Gurr drilled up into the bone before inserting the post. I was could not have been given enough nitrous.

After, I was in pain. Add to this having back pain, from my fall – I was not a happy camper. There was some relief in the fact that for now, this was a done deal. The new teeth will be screwed in place in three months.

Before we left home, Pete informed me that there was some blood on Raudi’s hindquarters. Pete tends to downplay such things, so I went and took a close look. Yes, she was bleeding. Upon further examination I noticed that there was a tear in the skin below her vaginal area. Also, a hole, most likely a puncture wound.

I had to wait until after the dental appointment to tend to this. It occurred to me last night that she bucked before bolting. She would not do this unless something was wrong. I surmised that she must have somehow gotten a stick wound.

Zach is coming tonight and will most likely flesh out the wound and put her on antibiotics. I don’t see how he can sew this up.

I am of course filled with gratitude because Dr. Kaiser, like Dr. Gurr, is both caring and does good work; both have a high level of expertise.

This is why I’m not wanting to move. It would be a long process, finding such good human and animal health care providers.

Fingers crossed that Raudi is okay.

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