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November 10, 2022: The Harder they Fall

I have not come off any of the horses in years. And I didn’t expect to come off today. I had wrongly presumed all my horses are bomber.

I took Hrimmi, Tyra, and Raudi out. I also took Ryder and Shadow with me. As always, the mares moved slowly. Their kind are called peanut pushers. Ryder and Shadow raced around; Shadow caught air a few times. We did Siggi’s trail. There’s about three inches of snow on the ground.

Hrimmi, Tyra, and Raudi

I need to at least keep this trail open; this was what I was thinking when I came off Raudi. This was at the base of what I call the traverse trail, the one leading to the base of Jim’s Road trail.

This portion of Siggi’s Trail winds up through a stand of birch. The trail is tight here. Here, Raudi bolted. I don’t know why – if it was a grouse, if it was the sound of a distant four wheeler, or if one of the dogs startled her.

Raudi pivoted around a tree, fast, and I could not stay on. I came off and my arm and shoulder connected with a tree. I then hit the ground; I was on my back. Raudi took off, with Ryder following. Shadow came out of the shadows and began licking my face. I was conscious the entire time.

I could not breathe. I remained calm – this happened to me once before. The midportion of my back felt as though it was jabbed with a poker. I moved my arms and legs – my left arm hurt. I momentarily wondered if I’d be able to get up.

Slowly, I arose, and clipped Shadow to one of the two leashes I’d hooked, belt-like, to my waist. I called for both Raudi and Ryder. I suspected that Raudi had completed the loop and ran home, and of course hoped that Ryder was with her.

It was a long walk back to the base of the trailhead, at Murphy Road. Every time I stepped in the ice-covered potholes in the trail, I’d feel the poker again connect with my spine. Ryder joined us.

I heard someone yell repeatedly, I had no idea what that was about. I found out when I got to the trailhead. Two idiots on their sidewinder came down trail and said they yelled, hoping someone would hear them. This made no sense to me. They confirmed that the horse was running in the direction of Jim’s Road and of course would go home.

I slowly made my way home. Raudi was eating hay out of the shed. Her saddle and pad were still in place. I got her and tied her up so that Pete might unsaddle her and put her away.

I took the dogs up the house and hung out, dazed. It took me a long time to get my boots off.

Pete got home and did the chores. The last time this happened I considered selling Raudi. Funny, this time I’m not even giving the matter any thought.

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