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October 7, 2022: Trigeminal Neuralgia

I am not adept at self-health care administrativa. However, I always feel a sense of accomplishment when, finally, I do jump through the hoop. In this respect, it was a good day. I am hoping that there are hardly any hoops ahead.

I may have trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal neuralgia has a really nice ring to it, one that will sound impressive when talking with friends. For sure, one’s saying, “I have trigeminal neuralgia” is more of an attention getter than my saying, “I have residual tooth pain.”

I do not know yet that I have trigeminal neuralgia. And I won’t know for sure until I have a CT scan. This will take place next week, at a later disclosed location.

Yes, I went to the ear, nose, and trout doctor today. She was very accommodating, and was thorough, although mystified by my symptoms. She also did an ear exam, one that indicated that I should be checked out further by an audiologist. Apparently, I have a perforated ear drum and thick ear drums.

This was the assessment. I know that I distracted her – I do this with health care professionals, by providing them with background information, some health related and some not. I do this because I don’t want them to think that I’m a dumbass; after all, I look like one. The major giveaway is always my running shoes, which like today, smell like the horse enclosure.

I liked the ear, nose, and trout specialist, and I think she liked me. So my feeling as though I’m in good hands has already alleviated some of the stress that this mystery discomfort is causing me. Not all, but some of it. Could be that I have multiple sclerosis, which is the deterioration of the mylar sheaf around the trigeminal nerve.

The most reassuring thing was this – the doctor affirmed what I’ve been thinking, which is that I ought not get dental implants until this problem is solved. Smart me, I thought, to see that there could be unforeseen consequences in having the implants implanted before knowing what the outcome might be. As I said, I’d hate to have the implants put in, experience pain, and then have to have them removed.

There is also the likelihood that the problem might resolve itself. I’d be one happy camper if this were the case.

If this is life-threatening, I am going to get a donkey. This will most definitely take my mind off my health-related issues. Then if people come over to visit, the focus will be on the animal and not my, ahem, condition.

After my visit with the ear, nose, and trout specialist, Pete and I stopped at Wolf Eye Care Center where we first stacked the bookcase, then went and selected a new pair of glasses for me.

My face is small, so I always have a hard time picking out frames. Renee, quick to smile, plain looking, in her 50s (with Pete’s assistance), found the right pair for me in a matter of minutes. The frame was near identical to the ones I had several years ago.

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