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September 17, 2022: Tinni and Alys: Combined Age, 100 years

A rare event, to have a horse and an owner have a combined age of 100 years. But today, Tinni and I have this many years between us. He’s 33 – subtract this from 100 and you have my age. It doesn’t take genius to figure this out.

We celebrated, sort of. The fellow who took Fish Habitat, our old Dodge truck, left the bags of hay in the back and other assorted detritus in the yard. I realized this morning that I could not let the horses out until I cleaned it up.

I had to go and sort books, so this made for a long day for them in the pen.

Alys and Tinni at 100

When Pete and I got home, together, we cleaned up the mess that was left behind and the mess that was left by us. This included wood pallets and some garbage. The sun was shining so we took advantage of the semi-dry environs and did some compost work. Pete turned the compost with the tractor, and I put the manure in the front bucket. He then filled the empty station with the newer stuff.

I put the empty buckets in with the turned compost.

I did not have the time to take Tinni for a walk or get the other horses out.

I let the horses and the goats out after the area was tidied up. The sun was (amazingly) still shining – this and the fact they were able to be out and about made for happy animals.

I think that Tinni was the most happy. He went back into his shed after wandering around a bit and resumed eating his hay. I did not hear him cough today. It pains me to hear this terrible rasping sound.

I am going to get in touch with a homeopathic veterinarian if he continues to cough because obviously, this will mean that conventional medications aren’t working.

I will also do more body work. I just need to put more energy into getting him better, if this is the case.

I am concerned about our hay situation –we do not have enough to get us through the winter. We will have enough to get through the winter if it stops raining and the grass dries.

The book project books are now very well organized, so I am thinking that I’ll have more time to spend with the horses. Also, next Saturday is the last day of hunting season. The weather was nice, so they were out in force today.

As birthdays go, this one was okay. Pete worked hard to make it a good day – we both may have been in a good mood because of the weather and because we both are excited about the prospect of a building going onto the Meeting House site.

There were four of us sorting books today – Me, Bill, Robert, and Pete. We made quick work of salvaging 100 boxes of books. Tomorrow another ten boxes go out.

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