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September 16, 2022: The Illusion of Space

Pete says that the universe contains millions of galaxies. Or maybe he said billions of galaxies. I said that this is beyond what I can comprehend – I don’t know if this is beyond what he can comprehend. He did agree that the only way in which we are going to be able to check any of this out is if we time travel. Beam me up.

My world these days is very, very small. I don’t go far, and I don’t do much. My world as a book reader is much larger. Right now, it’s my saving grace. And because it’s my saving grace, I want to

Jubal's building

continue to make sure that this holds true for others. This isn’t possible of course, if books (before their time) are shredded, burned, dunked in water, or relegated to landfills. Of course, every book has a shelf-life, and there comes a time when it is best to recycle or repurpose it.

I have for some time now, been obsessed with finding a large enough, contained space for the books that I and others have salvaged. So much so that I have not been able to think about much else. This is what obsession is all about.

Today inroads on the building front were made. Pete, Bea, and I met with Jubal Bryant, who owns a company by this name. We met him in front of his business property gate – one that is opened by means of a box with a mechanism and a long motorcycle chain. I was intrigued by this gate – I wondered, as I always wonder, who thinks of such things?

Jubal’s work space was vast, I compared it to being on the moon after colonization. There were several buildings and one huge roof on the property – the three brown buildings that he wanted us to see were about a quarter of a mile from the gate.

We drove to where three brown buildings sat side-by-side. We first did outside decision making. The first building wasn’t large enough. And the second one lacked a floor. The third one, it was the one we all agreed that we should check out.

We walked up steps, that were detached from the building, and went inside. The interior seemed to me as if someone had taken a huge shop vac and sucked out the building’s guts. There was the remnants of a kitchen, complete with dishwasher, drawers, and behind this room, a bathroom, in which there was a tub.

There were lots and lots of posts, room dividers. The walls are in need of sheetrock. The floor needs paint.

I didn’t know what to think because I was all over the map mentally. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but at the same time, I didn’t want to get my hopes down.

And I had no idea what Pete was thinking. After, he told me that, yes, this building would be well suited to our purposes. He didn’t even caution that it would need a lot of work. Maybe he figured that I’d already figured this out.

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