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August 31, 2022: Rain, now a Common Refrain

Went to sleep last night to rain. At 7:30 a.m. Pete got up then came back to bed and said that the sky was red. I raised my head and looked out the window. “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.” I mumbled. This turned out to be a truism. I tried to go back to go

The weather hasn't changed in weeks

back to sleep, but I could not. I opened one eye at 8 a.m. and saw rain dripping off the roof eve. A few choice curse words came to mind.

I was not a happy camper, the reason being is that this weather is bad for Tinni who has been coughing on and off now for a week. I have been taking him for walks around the loop. He has to stop and cough, and now he’s wheezing some. It sounds like he’s attempting to imitate a donkey.

He needs for it to be dry. He has heaves and so his hay also must be dry. The hay is molding. Tinni’s angst stresses me out, as does Pete’s feelings about the matter. It is as though he rightly has, “I told you so” written across his forehead.

It was I who suggested that we load up on hay a month ago, for I feared that there might not be any more. Actually, I might be right. In order to get the rest of our winter hay, we are going to need to have a spell of dry weather. I thought a few days ago, when the sun came out, that the monsoon season here in Southcentral Alaska might be over. I thought wrong.

So I am now picking through hay bales and giving the old guy the good bits. Tonight I gave the mares some hay that smelled moldy on the end portion. We’ll see how they do.

Tomorrow, Zach, our veterinarian, will give us some antibiotic. If Tinni is worse, well then, I will insist that he come and check him out. I of course am totally stressed out about this.

I did not ride any of the mares today. It was just too wet.

The one good thing about it raining so much is that this keeps the hunters at bay.

The rain does not seem to be keeping the heavy equipment operators from working on a driveway on Sybarite. It is amazing what can be done with excavators and the like. My sentiments are with Edward Abbey, who advocated putting sugar in gas tanks.

So, inside today, talked on the phone quite a bit, and sent out emails, so as to get more books out there. I had some really good luck. Talked with some really nice people, and so I will include personal deliveries in with distributions.

And I’m going to be sending art books to New York, to the same school I sent the young adult books.

In the meantime, I hope that the powers that be do what they do so well and provide me with more space, so that I continue to keep books from molding.

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