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September 1, 2022: A Conversation with Tyra fra Tuskast

The following conversation took place during an early evening ride.

Alys: Look Tyra. The sun is finally shining.
Tyra: Finally.
A: Been raining hard now for several days.
T: Is this why you haven’t been riding?
A: Yes. Also, I have been suffering from a bit of malaise.
T: What’s malaise?
A: You mean you don’t know?
T: It might be that white stuff you put on bread.
A: No silly, that’s mayonnaise.
T: You mean that you have been suffering from mayonnaise?

Tyra grazing during 2019 horse trip

A: No, because I don’t like the stuff. It’s particularly bad when it’s mixed in with
potatoes or macaroni.
T: I wonder how it would taste mixed in with our supplements.
A: Trust me, you will not like it.
T: Thus far, I’ve liked everything else mixed in with my supplements.
A: I’m not going to do it to you.
T: Maybe it will cure Tinni’s cough.
A: I seriously doubt it.
T: He’s been sounding just awful.
A: Yes. Dr. Zach is putting him on antibiotics.
T: Does it taste like mayonnaise?
A: I can’t imagine that it tastes very good. But it sure must taste better than penicillin.
T: You going to taste it?
A: No, because this is a medication.
T: SO?
A: And as a medication, it could cause me to grow hair on my chest.
T: But Tinni already has hair on his chest.
A: Yes, so the medication will make him feel better and stop the cough.
T: We mares all hope so. It’s a terrible sound. And, of course, it keeps us up all night.
A: You know, if I knew of someone who had a nice warm barn, I’d take him over there for a few days.
T: He’d like that.
A: I think when he was better, he’d want to come home.
T: I suspect so. He does like it here.
A: How do you know this?
T: He’s told the three of us mares this several times.
A: And are you happy here?
T: Somewhat. The meals are regular. And we are not up to our knees in mud.
A: Somewhat?
T: Lately none of us have gotten much exercise.
A: This has partially been due to the weather.
T: And to mayonnaise.
A: Malaise.
T: I stand corrected.
A: I wasn’t correcting you. I was setting the record straight.
T: Same difference.
A: Same difference, that’s an oxymoron.
T: Do you mean stupid ox?
A: No, an oxymoron is the juxtaposition of two dissimilar words.
T: Oh.
A: Another one – awfully good.
T: I get it.
A: This because you are a very smart horse.
T: You think so?
A: Yes, if I could afford it, I’d send you to law school.
T: Would you?
A: Oh yes. Provided that you get in. Where you want to go, Harvard, is very competitive.
T: You and me, we could write a very convincing essay.
A: Yes we could. But you’d need proof of previous schooling. And you’d have to show proof of numerous extracurricular activities.
T: I’ll enroll as a special student.
A: You might get in. Other, seemingly near impossible things have happened.
T: Malaise and mayonnaise. The things you learn while out on the trail.

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