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August 26, 2022: Day #9, Heading Home

And so here we are, at a real, honest to dog campground, located on the Taylor Highway. Is very maintained, and it has all the amenities and then some.

Becky got up early, and I arose shortly after her. She told me to look outside. I threw my tent flap open and saw a perfect rainbow. The sky was blue, splotched with clouds, or maybe the cloudy sky was splotched with blue. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Along the Top of the World Hwy

Showers, sunshine, showers, sunshine, showers, sunshine. After breakfast, Becky suggested that we go and do what I called the urfland hike and what she called the Surfland hike. It was, she noted, an easy hike, a few miles uptrail and then a few miles back downtrail.

We ate breakfast, left our tents to dry, and headed out. We arrived at the trailhead, where there were again noisy generators. It was by now raining hard, so we sat and deliberated about doing this hike. We decided to leave when the rain began pelting the truck, hard. Surprisingly, I was okay with doing this hike because I at least had the rain gear needed for this particular adventure.

We called it good, stopping at the interpretive center to fill the water jug. We came across two women downroad, one of whom was beating on the lugs of their tundra with a sledgehammer. They explained that the truck was making a loud squeal and got in and demonstrated. It did sound to me like a pig was being butchered.

They were unsure what the problem was, one speculated that perhaps it was the driveshaft – it began causing problems when it was unhooked from an RV. They said they didn’t need help – they were being accompanied by one RV that was ahead of them, and one that was behind them. We continued on, leaving them by the side of the road.

We subsequently stopped at the intersection of the Dempster and the Klondike Highway back to Dawson. Becky getting gas, and me checking out the defunct car wash. We stopped in Dawson, got some chocolate chip cookies at the Bonanza Market, then drove onto the ferry. I remarked that the Yukon River does have a very strong current.

We came to the border, and I was told that my passport was invalid because I hadn’t signed it. She gave it back to me but didn’t ask for my signature. Me, like going in, I was still noncompliant.

A second beautiful drive along the Top of the World highway. We stopped where we did a lunch hike on the drive up. Becky pointed out various plants to me. I came across plants Becky said were “companion” plants. They are purple and bell shaped.

We arrived here at this well-tended campground late in the afternoon. I paid the fee and we set up our tents.

Dinner again was uneventful. My legs feel good, as they have this entire trip. My thoughts are leapfrogging all over one another. It has been a challenge this entire trip, getting the right words and thoughts on paper.

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