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August 27, 2022: Home again, Home again, jiggety jog

Back early from the Yukon adventure. Can’t win. Now I’m homesick for the Yukon. I do wish things had gone differently; for example, that I had the right gear to do a backpacking trip. I think I thought that given all the adventures that I’d done, that I’d have all the gear for this kind of trip.

What I learned from a consummate backpacker is that backpacking requires its own specialized gear, good hiking boots, dehydrated foods, a backpack large enough to hold a bear can plus food, clothing, and tent, and a small portable camping stove.

Upscale campground

I did not have these things. The hiking boots were blown out at the base of both big toes, I didn’t include enough dehydrated foods in my meal planning, my backpack was barely large enough to hold my bear cannister, and my stove, while small, required a large fuel container. My small day pack was adequate for the task at hand, but it was not a small backpack. I had one, I didn’t think to take it.

I did have the right clothing, which included a raincoat and rain pants. But I did not have lightweight nylon rain pants, just heavier ones, more suited for horseback riding.

Becky had all the backpacking bells and whistles. She did not even really need my company. I slowed her down on day hikes because I was not in excellent hiking shape.

I have always preferred trail running to walking – walking on diverse terrain has always been a bit more difficult for me. If I had my druthers, I would have worn my running shoes, and travelled very light on day hikes, moving at a jogging rather than a walking pace.

I have never been a big one for bushwacking – not having a designated trail makes me nervous. Also, I get impatient when thrashing through brush and thicket.

I liked it, being with a botanist/horticulturalist. Becky pointed out several species of flowers and plants to me. I do not now remember what they were. But at the time I was pleased that she brought them into my frame of reference. As I told her, this brought the day hikes that we did to life. I can only imagine what it’s like to know what Becky knows about such things. Something like this can only add to one’s hiking experience.

I did okay on the car camping front. I made having plastic bins work. One held clothes, another tent and nylon stuff sack. We had a cooler with jars of food we did not eat. I was afraid that we wouldn’t finish what was, say, in an individual jar and that the contents would go bad.

I didn’t get any blisters or muscle sprains.

It’s good to be home. The animals are all okay; although, they all need more exercise. The horses haven’t been out of their pen in nine days. So tomorrow and Monday I’ll get them out. I also have to clean out the goat pen.

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