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July 26, 2022: Like Clockwork

I had no idea when I started salvaging books at VCRS, the local recycling center, that what would happen, did happen. I simply grabbed a few boxes of books, and when friends visited, I took them into my cabin and had them pick out a few.

I ceased doing this when I ran out of books. I resumed doing this when one day I was back at VCRS and saw that there were even more books than previously. I filled my cabin with books, and I organized a holiday sale at the recycling center.

I made calls and began distributing books locally. There was another lull when the supply supposedly exceeded the demand for the books.

Bill and Pete hopped on the bandwagon – we got bookcases into local businesses – it was happenstance (again) that one of these places is one of the most frequented hallways in Palmer. Hundreds of people pass through every day. And now, most of them stop and ponder the book selection.

The BLBP uses a library cart at the Palmer Senior Center

We also put bookcases in this same building, upstairs and downstairs.

Bill built the Vagabond Blues Bookcase and as well the bookcases in two adjoining businesses. We were also lucky in that our sorting/cleaning area was in this central area. Bill has a route, I have a route, the books get out there.

Nan, another volunteer, has been super vigilant about attending Friday Fling, a quasi farmer’s market, and passing out books there.

Today was a typical Tuesday for me. I went to the Senior Center and talked with Timothy, who I met via the bookcase area at Vagabond Blues. He’s getting hymnals ready to send to villages – we’ll send them media rate for him. I put books out on the table – Cathy, an artist, took the Van Gogh book, and Mario grabbed the two Popular Mechanics (circa 1942) books.

After, I went to the Meeting House and orchestrated the book cleaning session. Two new volunteers participated – they also took books home, which they will clean and stamp.

Bruce (another long-time volunteer) appeared with a tote filled with children’s books. He brought the books in on a dolly. I sorted the books out as the others cleaned books.

Everyone was happy. I likened the scene to Santa’s workshop, except for the fact that it was 70 degrees out and sunny. Too nice a day to be inside, but there was no way around it – the work had to get done.

After everyone had left, I packed up the young adult books that are headed to New York. I got together three boxes worth, this included the books on their library list as well as other classics that I feel would be well received by the students and staff of Bishop Gibbons High School.

My project day was not yet over – I also had to distribute. I covered the original three bookcases, and in short order. Bill had been there this morning; nevertheless, there was room in all the shelves for more books.

Home again, home again, with me realizing the project day went like clockwork.

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