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July 27, 2022: Rising Up from the Ashes

A few weeks ago, Bea Adler threw the I-Ching and came up with the #42. Bea indicated that the context was the Bright Lights Book Project. I looked up #42 -- apparently it indicated that I would be dealing with despair but that in time I would experience great joy. At the time that Bea told me this, we were finishing a very long meeting. I was very tired. It was one of those times when I thought – the board isn’t doing me a whole lot of good.

I decided right then to pick myself up by my bootstraps and just continue to do what needed to be done. The central problem was that I was beset with the problem of what to do, and how to store, so many books. I am still beset with this problem, but sense that I’m just now starting to rise out of the ashes. I’m taking flight.

I am sorry if here I mixed metaphors. I usually don’t do this. I usually come clean.

Reading at the Senior Center

Well, today I did get the sense that the Bright Lights Book Project is coming into its own. For starters, I did the volunteer orientation at the Meeting House – just one woman showed up, a psychotherapist. I got the sense that she is adept at stepping back and assessing given situations. And she did get an earful, from me, from Pete, from Bea, about various aspects of the project.

Pete, for example, came into the meeting house just after having spent time at the Palmer City Hall. There he talked to the head guy about our plans for the land behind the Meeting House. Pete had (I know) clearly done his research. He was able to talk the talk and walk the walk with this fellow. It was like me talking with people about the book project. He was (I am sure) very confident and self-assured.

I do not know where he learned how to talk about the intricacies of building sites.

I do know that he has excellent spacial relations, and in regard to such things, he is very observant. He also has completed several small construction projects and most likely thought about where things go prior to building. He also enjoys taking on related challenges, and this most certainly fit that bill.

He was noncommittal about what seemed to be an accomplishment. Seemed to be. The head guy said he needed to talk with the guy who is second in command before giving the okay. But Pete said he said, “there ought not be any problem.” So most likely we’ll get the go ahead on Friday.

When we get the go-ahead, we can proceed with our plans. I will then finally cease obsessing about finding a site for the book project.

The other thing that happened was that those getting the books in New York continue to applaud our efforts. This only bodes well for this project. Joy now towers above despair.

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