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June 9, 2022: There will come Soft Rains

That’s the title of a Ray Bradbury story. I thought of it this evening when it first started to rain. The sky darkened further, and the rain began falling harder. I raced around, attempting to finish the animal chores and the title remembrance disappeared. It returned when I went to write about my day.

Sad truth is, I remember this day, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, gulp fifty years ago but am having a hard time remembering today’s events.

Evening view over Alys's cabin

A question I have is, do those who have Alzheimer’s recall a day’s events months later? Or does their ability to retain information go out the window when they begin suffering from dementia. I’d ask someone or look this up, but undoubtedly, I’d forget to do this.

So what were the day’s high and low points? High point, talking with the staff at Covenant House, an organization that assists low income and troubled individuals of all ages. Michele who works for Kaladi Brothers put us in touch. Well, they want books and perhaps bookcases in the near future. The Covenant House has several residences, so they are going to need quite a few books.

I went to town, and via Zoom, met with Mary Elizabeth Rider, who does consulting work for nonprofits. Pete, Milena, and Tracy, from the Mat-Su Health Foundation, also joined us. I can’t say the meeting was the high or low point of my day.

I’m not a big one for administrative ho ha. Too much of it and my seated butt starts itching. But I contributed to the conversation as best I could. I also took notes. I sort of understood what was going on at the end of the conversation. We are going to apply for a grant from the Mat-Su Health Foundation, and the funds will be used to pay Mary Elizabeth’s costs for her time and expertise.

We’ll be producing several documents – the downside to the above is that Mary Elizabeth won’t be able to provide us with any assistance until August. This seems like a long time to have to wait. Correction, it is a long time to have to wait.

The landfill building might come through next summer. It isn’t happening this summer. I am beyond frustration with this portion of this project.

I want a building and land, and I want it now.

I put these thoughts out of my mind and resumed sorting, this time Jim’s books.

I think that what he did was purchase some books in the ‘70s. So did his sweetheart who left him for an older but richer man. The deal was that if she gave him an assist that she’d never have to worry about finances again.

Jim read a lot of what can be described as new age materials. I knew he was interested in wu wu type literature, but not that interested.

He also had a lot of ‘70s literature on hand.

I took care of his library. It was the most and the least I could do.

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