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June 10, 2022: A Full Day

A bumpy beginning, but after, a smooth flying day. Funny, how I rely so much on airplane flight analogies, considering that I have a fear of flying that is near phobic.

I don’t consider it a phobia, this fear of flying. I consider it to be realistic. You can’t have all that heavy metal up in the air without some of it coming back down. The odds are that something is going to go wrong. And as with gambling, there are odds. If the odds are one in a billion that a plane will go down, it very well might be the one that I’m on.

Raudi checks out eroded creek cross

I am always elated when the plane lands and pulls off the runway because this means that I have once again cheated death.

The bumpy part of the day – when I came back in the house after tending to the animals, Pete said that the inverter wasn’t working. The inverter is connected to the solar apparatus and batteries. It converts AC to DC power. This alternative energy source provides us with power.

I get confused when things like this happen because I don’t know what runs on power and what runs on propane. Pete said the pilot light in the stove went out. I thought it was an electric related failure. As it turns out, it was a coincidence.

We need power for our computers. And we need power in order to run the milking machine. Pete ended up hooking up an extension cord to the little generator then plugging it into the computer modem. This worked.

Pete’s hurrying about, which went hand-in-hand with trouble shooting, made me feel on edge. Hard to get ready to do anything when someone is attempting to deal with, and then fill you in on, every single detail related to something that you know perhaps, at the very most, a paragraph about.

I took Tinni for our morning walkabout. We said good morning to the two birds I call the dive-bombing robins. As Pete later pointed out, they built their nest in the crook of tree, at eye level. I can’t feel bad for them. They brought this stress on themselves.

I talked for some time with Sara at the Center for the Book – the organization promotes Alaskan writers in various ways. The talk went well – the BLBP might partner with them.

Later, our friend Linda Sims came over and rode with us. This took our minds off the inverter problem for a bit. Then I went to town and distributed books. I like my route, it’s all in the same area. The Borough Building bookcase was the one needing the most books. I put a box and a half in it.

Next, I went to Friday Fling where books were being distributed. I had words with one volunteer and the events coordinator about some issues that were troubling me. Both were incredibly gracious and made me feel ashamed of my outbursts. Something to be learned from this, for sure. I’m not sure what, yet.

I didn’t waste any time when I got home in getting Hrimmi out. Yesterday, as I was preparing to take Tyra for a ride, it began raining really hard. I thought that the same might hold true today. No, it just threatened to rain.

I can handle idle threats. It’s the real thing that’s harder to deal with.

160. 6/11/22: Tired



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